I was very fortunate yesterday evening to obtain tickets to be in the audience for the Martin Lewis Money Show Live. The show was broadcast from an old power station, I think, in Wapping in London. There was a man who did the “warm-up” and kept us going whenever the cameras were off who had a good sense of humour. He got us to applaud and shout “In Full!” at the right times. Martin’s co-host was beautiful girl with long black hair. She was also very good at what she did. Money saving tips included water metering, checking you DDs, energy and credit card switching.We found out that for us our energy supplier wasn’t “required” to replace our broken smart meter with another smart meterĀ  (our smart meter was put in by a previous supplier but was broken in a recent power surge). I like the way Martin could pull people out of the audience to save them money on their energy bills or credit cards. After the show I shook his hand and gave him a calendar I had bought him and he seemed very appreciative, I said it wasn’t much but he said it was the kind thought that counted.

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