Meridian local news.
The rogue male swimmer, who recently sabotaged the recent boat race in the River Thames, is charged with a public order offence. There was a rescue touched on somewhere in Cornwall but didn’t get too hear much more than that. The Archbishop of Canterbury in his last Easter message before he retires speaks about the importance of Religious Education in secondary schools, although when I attended high school, I myself left in 1992, I felt what I had learnt was sufficient. HRH the Queen celebrates Easter at her regular church where also Princess Beatrice also attended. People donate Easter eggs to sick children in a local Hospital but I feel Easter eggs are not just for children but a great many adults too. I never got an Easter Egg, I ordered 1 to treat myself as I’m housebound with the people who deliver my milk, but they were out of stock of it and hot cross buns too. Lastly a Titanic memorial cruise takes place to remember and reflect the Titanic and all those who sadly lost their lives. I think the 100th anniversary of the Titanic should be remembered and recognised, but I feel its getting into overdrive and too much now on local news, its on now daily and even weatherman Simon Parkin looks at icebergs. I think it should be toned down at least a bit now by the media itself.
Meridian Weather. Thick cloud overnight. Monday wet and windy, some light and patchy rain and maybe some gale force winds arriving.
ITV1 Main News.
The Titanic Memorial cruise gets yet another mention. The Pope calls for a ceasefire in Syria but it may or may not happen now, there are now growing doubts about it. The Queen at Winsor Castle meets some children this Easter. The local elections are coming up and the Lib Dems are hoping to do better this time around. Before the coalition began, in spite of my ongoing complex severe disability, I was a Lib Dem party member myself. The Lib Dems now are hoping to kill off the surveillance bill the tories now want so the security services know every email etc that happens. Party President Tim Farron is speaking a lot of good things on this, but although the Lib Dems have a say or influence within the Coalition, I think they are over optimistic when they appear to be saying it just won’t happen or they will kill off the bill, although I fully agree with their stance and the tone of what they are saying. In 6th place now in the Barclays Premier League is Newcastle. “A closeness to the past” a relative said today of the titanic when embarking on what is being now called the Titanic Cruise.
National Weather. (Sponsored by 7 seas cod liver oil.)
A band of persistent rain and windy coming some glimmers of sun for some areas. 10-12 celsius I think for tomorrow.
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