I heard earlier on today when I popped to the Post Office and Carol, the lovely lady behind the counter, told me that my local M & S store was closing down. I saw the headline in the local paper on the counter and my heart sank. When in town, I really enjoy going to this particular store as well as the HMV store located on the same road. The clothing at M & S is a bit more expensive but it is good quality and fashionable. I also previously included this particular M & S store in another one of my blogs entitled “My ideal Xmas present for my other half of twelve years”. I love eating in the M & S  restaurant and directly opposite the restaurant in the store are high quality, immaculate looking suites for men.  I said at the time that I could not afford to buy one of these suites for Christmas although I really wanted to. Being on a low income they are out of my price range, but I wanted to give my boyfriend one all the same.

I fear that this M & S store closure could be the beginning of the end for our local high street as more of these stores move out of town. M & S may want to re-brand itself but remember the old expression “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. There are a great many speculative reasons why this and other M & S stores may be closing down. I would say to M & S directly this store has a lot of things to offer still and can easily keep open as a going concern. Give it a revamp. I still get the daily emails from M & S and its local store and I have been told I may qualify for a free cream tea, I will still use the loyalty card in-store but I won’t be going to other M & S outlets nearby as they are not as good as this particular store.

Here is the link to the local papers website entry on this story:


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