My favourite 5 News UK female newsreader/reporter Mrs Katie Goodman (Formerly Shenkin) with her just awesome accent, read the few mins. lunchtime update style programme today. My favourite bit was the apparent announcement by PM David Cameron of a `new right to buy` scheme which would apply for council housing tenants, but most Council housing stock now belongs to housing associations so what would that mean for them? Also it would not help those people who can only afford to be tenants anyway, and with the severity of cutbacks to housing benefit for some people that could maybe bite to the point of being made homeless. I suppose I could be wrong though, I very much doubt this will help those people. The continuing war in Afghanistan was also mentioned too but I don’t like talking about that because the whole subject just upsets me too much.
I read the contents of Nick Cleggs closing spring conference earlier on today purely by accident. My thoughts are yes the coalition is making a difference and what he had to say sounded a bit like Liberal type soundbites. I think on the spending cuts towards disabled people and it was better the Lib Dems were part of that discussion because it could have been much worse if they hadn’t, and I think yes I agree with him there’s a long way to go. But although there seemed a genuine sentiment in what he was saying, the Lib Dems were much better and much more credible in opposition. Nick Clegg needs to say day in/day out that this is what we do in in coalition government and this is what a Lib Dem government would do, to make that distinction daily and very clearly, and their own poll rating and general respect from the electorate may then happen next.
My wishes of the day today would be I’d love to go to a Rebecca Black concert and the horrid pain in my abdomen please just go awayCrying face