This was a local panto that we saw yesterday evening “Dick Whittington and his Cat”. It was lively and full of fun, especially when the Sultan, Sultan Peppa, fell for the Dame Gertrude Sprat, until he got his new “specs at Specsavers” at the end! There was one song by ABBA featured: “Take a chance on me”, one by Britany Spears’s “Oops!…I did it again” (Which was my favourite number with all the dancers in red Santa type dresses), and one called Arabian Nights (I don’t know where that one came from). Dick Whittington was played by a blonde girl whose love interest Alice was my favourite in the show. At the end they got some kids up on stage to sing “London Bridge is Falling Down”. One of the boys decided he wouldn’t admit to his name or anything which I thought was very funny. During the show Captain Cutlass kept trying to steel Jack Sprat’s girl Maisy, I felt sorry for Jack but it all worked out OK in the end. Near us in the theatre there was an interesting looking camera which kept flashing, it was fascinating to see. We asked what it was doing and the technician said it was taking periodic shots of the panto, presumably publicity shots or for their photo album. 

On the way home on the bus my partner had his own slapstick moment when he accidentally ripped the bag we had peanuts in we had just bought from a pet shop nearby for the squirrels we feed in our garden . They went rolling all around the bus!!

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