While I was queuing up to see our local “Aladdin” ever so eagerly eyeing up some chocolate sweets, I met this lovely blonde lady with a plait who I thought was waiting for tickets, she smiled rather sweetly but didn’t buy any tickets and left. I found when I saw the Panto it had been the `Principle boy`! Also at the venue there was a Santa’s grotto and I got to met Santa Clause for real who was ringing a bell. He let me clumsily ring his bell.


The panto itself was very good and everyone cheered the heroes and loudly booed the villain. I luckily managed to get some sweets when they were thrown out into the auditorium, but the highlight for me was when Widow Twankey, who had come into the audience to distribute more sweets, personally came-up, gave me a kiss on the cheek and some more sweets! (Unluckily for me they were liquorish sweets and I don’t like the bitter taste of liquorish.) Aladdin married the Princess Jasmine and everyone lived happily ever after.


We were meant to see another production of Aladdin but it was rather jinxed (by elves and gnomes?) and after an awful lot of bad luck we missed it, loosing the money we’d paid, such as a shame. 


Today (Boxing day) I got up rather late, no real hangover but I was very tired. We eyed up some new Xmas lights as mine had blown, but it may be a bit early for next year 2013.