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This CH5 afternoon movie is both remarkable in its content, while also superb. A young baby girl Dalminar is presumed dead upstairs in a house fire that is thought to be caused by a heater, which was pushed over and started the fire, which engulfed the house, and people had smoke inhulation issues. Of course the heater is too much like a halogen to do that (switches off if tipped over). The mother realises (due to a open window which she knew had been closed) and the cot being empty and a doll  on the floor, that her daughter had not been incinerated, and later no human remains were found, but abducted. Even with evidence in a photo people tell her accept it and move on. After some closure, 8 or 9 years later, she sees a young girl called Anya or similar sounding name and recognised her as her baby. She had been raised by a woman who had kidnapped the babe, started the fire, and raised the child as her own. It is only when she meets a lawyer/politician who believes her, and eventually the girl is DNA tested which proves it is her Dalminar and they are reunited.

I give this CH5 movie a 10/10 rating, there’s nothing can improve on it.


Also on the ITV1 programme – Tonight – it was about the `buy to let` boom. Many can’t buy so the buyers tend to be people buying to rent which keeps the price up. I’m broke but I’d never go down that road. The Tonight programme remain one of my favourite programme.


I really loved watching my “Mystery Woman” film on CH5 today.

If I had £25 I would go up the Shard building with my other half,unfortuately I simply can’t afford it. Look after yourselves, thank you for reading my blob. Smile