This film was very good and emotive in parts, and the music for the film was of a very high standard indeed. I’ll definately be looking to buy the music of this particular film. This film tells the story of Lloyd, a 16 year old who with his friends are ninja warriors who fight the megalomaniac Garmadon, who it happens is also his real father. One day, in fighting Garmadon, Lloyd (The Green Ninja) unleashes a terrible enemy Meowthra (a real cat) who proceeds to destroy Ninjago City. The 5 Ninjas, their teacher Uncle Wu Ninja Master and later Garmadon himself have to find something to defeat Meowthra. Of course in the process Llyod and Garmadon learn to be father and son again.  The famous Jackie Chan is in the film and was the voice of Uncle Wu, and my favourite scene was one where Mr Wu fell of a high rope (lego) bridge into the river below, a sad scene, but of course he doesn’t die and reappears later.

Here is a picture of myself and our drinks in the bar at our local Odeon cinema after seeing the film.

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