The police are fairly sceptical still that Kyle really does exist and Brax is really tearing his hair out over this. Just where is Kyle? But he may not have earned, or have the surname Braxton? Oh well, maybe it is Lovell instead? Casey’s legal bills are now spiralling out of control but he’s back out on bail. One lucky guy. While the police investigate the whole Kyle saga. Brax still thinks Casey imagined Tamara. Of course we know she’s real, get real yourself maybe Brax. Mummy Braxton is still making her presence felt very strongly. The character is played really well by the actress herself but as a guest character not sure what her real name is?
April and Dex are still close. Dex manages to get April “special consideration” due to her high stress levels and personal problems. With her exams now fast approaching I think she still wants to get into medical school?
Romeo and Indie are starting early dating again, their both still trying to discover where they actually got it wrong in the first place as a couple in their marriage. It looks rather promising for them so far from where I’m sitting.
Sid meanwhile has a new blonde physio in his personal life. After making out together in the back of Sid’s car it looks like they’ve now decided to go on a proper first date together. So some mixed messages and agendas there. Dex appears confused with recent events, I strongly suspect maybe she’s already hitched?
Sasha visits Casey at the hospital and then, very startled, runs for the nearest door, or just maybe its the fire exit, after she spots Casey being interviewed again by the uniformed police. A bit later Sasha and Casey have a reconcile of sorts. Come on Casey, give Sasha another kiss or snog, you know how much you want to really?
Things are still very awkward between John and Marilyn after their mistaken kiss. Jett thinks John and Gina should sort it out between them, but they are not communicating effectively with each other. Liam wisely informs Jett “look none of this is your fault” which he says twice. Jett is still not sure though.
John Palmer has forgotten, silly brute, to get the right sort of insurance for the surf carnival. If it ever happens, the Summer Bay residents say, “It will be for the whole family to enjoy”, but I actually think it’s that way every single year anyway.
Harvey and Roo are very much still on a seesaw. Roo still thinks Harvey should have been up-front and honest at the very beginning that Alf provided a cheque for their forth coming wedding, which they can hardly agree on. Initially Harvey asked Alf for a loan to help them out, then Alf presented them with a cheque as a wedding gift. Go on Roo girl, just go on ahead and buy yourself a cream fashionable wedding dress with a sweetheart style neckline and a shiny silver tiara, I bet you’ll look really beautiful?
Sadly, may he rest in peace, baby Rocco past away from an apparent cot death. A well filmed but strained funeral. Bianca pushes Heath away and they then split up. Heath leaves Bianca sobbing uncontrollably on the Summer Bay beach. Poor little Darcy is upset and confused about these sudden events. Heath and the River Boys undertake a surf tribute in the sea, I’ve not heard that one before? I think Bianca starts to see taking illegal drugs as a way of hiding her grief and pain. Heath turns her down flat when she asks for drugs, trying in vain to protect her, but she gets hold of drugs from a mystery newcomer ,who says he cares and is looking out for her, but all is not what it seems?
A new male character starts next week, he’s one to really watch out for, played by the magnificent and rather hunky actor Martin Lynes, formally of, now axed, Channel 7’s Australian All Saint’s hospital drama. I never knew, and was very curious, what ever happened to his character in the end. BBC1 only ever screened two seasons of this, which proved fairly popular at the time, but then they simply stopped showing it and this was well over a year ago now. I rather liked All Saint’s as a medical style drama.
Brax ties astrange man cruelly to a chair to ascertain the whereabouts of his so called brother Kyle, while new character Adam looks on. Heath and Adam – there appears to be a history and a grudge there. After the bailiffs seize “Angelo’s” big fridge forcing the restaurant to close, Adam offers to help financially to clear the debt’s so that Brax can concentrate on Casey’s legal fees. Brax initially turns it down but Adam sorts it all out. Brax says he sees it as a loan but Adam says he doesn’t want any of the money back. Adam doesn’t look like an Adam to me, maybe he will soon find his `Eve`?
The three girls spot a young hunk at the bar, one of them announces very publicly Leah has the hots for him. I think Leah wants the ground to open up and swallow her whole.
Gina And John are constantly bickering, although a strained Gina finally susses out for herself John was not after all having an affair with Marilyn.
Sasha is still anxious and fretting about Casey, I bet she will be there for him in the end though.
The on/off thing between Sid and the pretty Physio. She’s married but separated, but they decide to take the next step in their relationship.
Dex remains not happy with his speed of recovery, but also with his lack of closeness and intimacy with April who continues to support him recovering from his car crash accident.
Romeo and Indie start bonding again, they’re still courting and it looks like they will give their marriage another go.
Come back very soon Home and Away, I’ll miss watching your omnibus antics, story lines and mischief. I very much enjoy the omnibus as it doesn’t have to keep stopping and starting!