I recently tried a well-being sort of therapy. The idea is to get into a position that allows a particular muscle which is believed to hold the pent up energy of trauma and stress to release that energy. A sort of physical therapy for psychological problems. It was a very good idea but I found it nearly impossible to switch off from my usual saucy thoughts and relax, they keep me going day to day. Also having to concentrate for five hours, even with breaks, I found immensely difficult. If I’m watching TV and something average or excellent is on, then I can concentrate for up to two hours, but five, especially due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, was a very hard task to undertake, and I didn’t do very well at all. I’m going to keep an open mind on this particular therapy as it was endorsed by a good doctor who understands me well. If you have ever taken an exam and wanted to leave before the end, sadly so far this is how I have felt up to now. This treatment was an idea to help me overcome an extreme fear of water after being pushed into swimming water by swimming instructors as a young child. I hope I can target this treatment to help me overcome this extreme fear, I would have normally used NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) but the last time I went for a first session I was then told that NLP was not suitable for someone with autism. I pointed out I had had it before with good results but this made no difference. At the moment I’m stuck with this fear for this practitioner saying “Good luck with it – you can do it yourself”. But my subconscious mind is not giving me that choice. The high cost of NLP is also another factor for us to consider, all I can really do is take one step at a time and hope maybe one day I can restart some hydrotherapy to help my limbs move. At present the fear of water is made worse at the recommended hydrotherapy pool because I have to go in flat in a sling rather that sitting up-right. Many thanks for reading this blog and have yourselves a good weekend.