I keep leaning to the side of my wheelchair due to my progressive MS which makes life very difficult, so yesterday afternoon I went to the local NHS Wheelchair Service. I told them about the problem and they have fitted a side support cushion. I feel as if I can lean towards both sides but they didn’t want to put one on both sides as it would be too restrictive, but they did give me a temporary support padded shape that can be put in or left off as I require.

I got there and back using hospital transport because the department is not on a handy bus route. On the way there we had to pick someone up for the same department but we didn’t need to drop them off on the way back. I prefer not to have to be in an ambulance when it is driving around collecting other patients because it lengthens the journey and can make me travel sick and very fatigued.

Rather disappointingly in the evening I was looking forward to a children’s carol concert but mislaid my warm winter hat (it felt very cold last night) and in looking for it we were late getting to the service. So rather than disturb everyone with me trying to get in in my wheelchair me and my boyfriend went to the pub. I drowned my sorrows with a medium size glass of lovely rosè. My local pub is OK.

On another matter, I am not keen on the idea that the Government has about supersized GP surgeries. Such surgeries can be very busy with the loss of a personal touch that makes seeing your doctor bearable. I lost that when my old surgery closed and I had to move to a bigger one. It had been unable to stay open by merging with another.

Here below are some of the things I saw at the wheelchair service department.

IMG_20171213_144553 IMG_20171213_141701 IMG_20171213_141026 IMG_20171213_140956 IMG_20171213_140920