On Meridian Tonight update programme HMS Illustrious, I think it is called, returns to port after some sort of a collision with a tug boat, and in keeping with Saint Patrick’s day, Princess Kate gives a shamrock ( I have no idea what this is) to soldiers somewhere in Aldershot.
Local weather: dry overnight, some widespread frost, and some showers but lucky few may miss out.
The ITV1 main news Saturday with Mr Steve Scott.
On ITV1 main news the main headline was about something called National Wage rates. I have no idea what this is or even means, and apparently in the budget the Chancellor may bring wages into line in the public and private sector. Apparently wages in the public sector are on average eight percent higher than the private sector, and the north/south divide continues to widen (I don’t believe in the myth of the north/south divide myself). I bet we may again see people going on strike. PC Rathband is laid to rest, may he R.I.P. Congratulations are in order as Wales won a grand slam victory, I think it was Rugby. Princess Kate meets the battalion Irish Guards in her trademark heeled shoes and wears a famous brooch. She gives them Shamrock and meets a dog called Cromwell, I suspect the dog maybe named after somebody famous but I have no idea who.
The ITV1 Main UK weather.
Some useful rain, and some going away, some ground frost, average temperatures apparently of 9-11 Celsius I think, whatever that means.Laugh