I felt the Tonight programme on Thursday was informative and well balanced. Reporter Ginny Buckley’s take on electric cars and their intended roll-out, coupled with the timetable of petrol/diesel cars being withdrawn by 2030 set by the Govt., was enlightening and really helped you understand both the advantages of electric cars, and the challenges still to be resolved in time if the changeover is to be successful.
The main points and questions I took away from this programme were:
  • The Octopus Energy scheme was interesting but could only go so far and would only appeal to a limited number.
  • It was disappointing that at present Ginny could only find 1 in 10 garages with limited ability to service or repair facilities for electric cars.
  • Some cars and oil firms were mentioned as coming on board but some seem reluctant to go all electric, what will they do next?
  • A lack of standardisation, i.e. all the cars featured ran on different apps, different type chargers, etc. Like early video recorders everyone is bringing in their own versions of the technology which will be counter-productive to universal use.
  • Disabled vehicles were not mentioned, as a disabled wheelchair user are manufacturers including this vulnerable group in their new car designs?
  • If schemes to teach people about electric cars, and motor mechanics (apprentices) how to services them is still too costly why doesn’t the Govt. subsidies them to help meet the target deadlines?  
Many thanks everyone for reading this blog. I managed to find a clip with Ginny talking about cheaper electric cars. The Tonight programme itself will be on the ITV hub.