Dear Blog,

I remember reading somewhere, I think in the Daily Star newspaper fairly recently, that the 1980’s quiz show Blockbusters was returning soon to our screens. I think on Challenge TV, fronted by Mr Simon Mayo. I welcome the return of a great quiz show like this. Some people, I have heard, think that with the fairly recent death of Bob Holness this quiz show should not return. I myself don’t personally agree with that view. I rather liked Blockbusters in it’s day, but with my borderline learning disability and Aspergers Syndrome mental age of 12, I could very rarely answer any of the questions of course. I wouldn’t have chosen Mr Simon Mayo to present it though, I would have chosen former CBBC presenter Mr Andy Crane to front it instead, and too cut costs during these hard recession times I’d have had it filmed in Manchester where I believe Andy Crane now works and maybe now lives too.