Heath is behaving more sensitively to Bianca who is having his baby but sadly Liam walks away and ends his new marriage. A sad ending but predicted. Colleen’s exit storyline is now moving forward, all Summer Bay will miss the gossip of the lovely Colleen. I wish the actress who plays her every happiness for the future. Sascha is now failing to get over the cruel treatment she had gone through with Stu, but Xavier helps her see the light and she then asks for the counselling that she badly needs. It’s clear the new boy on the block, Jet, is a bully who likes to control people but there are issues behind it. VJ for now feels scared and threatened, and probably a bit hungry too as Jet keeps nicking VJs packed lunch, yum yum he says. Blonde girl, lawyer Hayley, is popping illegal drugs and getting shot term highs. Liam sees the signs and throws her pills in the sea. Good for him, he’s not going back to taking drugs. Hayley still wants forgiveness from Braxx over Charlies death but he’s having non-of-it. Lottie and Harvey reminisce about Harvey’s son who had sadly died, a painful but touching moment. Lottie had a nice blonde Platte in her hair too. Romeo is in hospital after a known criminal tried to knock him down in a car, he had a serious operation, he’s in a lot of pain, surfing career looks over, Ruby looks on concerned, and Indie doesn’t know what to do with herself. Her new relationship looks threatened. A new male teacher with a beard who I will nick-name `blackbeard`cruelly punishes Casey with regular detentions over his past relationship with the beautiful Henri. 

That’s all for now folks. 😎