So the Ozzies are taking on the so-called Pommies. I don’t watch Neighbours, it just ain’t my thing, but I would love to take my hand and mouth to the Home and Away theme tune. Mores’ the pity, Rebecca Black and Sonia Evans could probably do it way better than me?


So Celia, Alf’s sister I think, is plotting something, saying she’s broke and destitute due to her being ripped off by a bloke. She thinks she’s helping in the diner but people feel really suffocated by her. She takes a mystery phone call – just what is she up to?

Two new characters hit Summer Bay this week, Maddy and Spencer. Maddy has a terrible cough. They sleep in the high school and nick sheets from the caravan park. Roo sympathises with their plight, but Alf starts to condemn their actions. Roo and Harvey are back from Honeymoon still clearly very besotted with each other. Colleen drops a gadget Alf really likes into some goo so Alf orders his sisters out of the house – he ain’t happy. Harvey has chicken pox but does he really? (His spots to me were nowhere to be seen) Everyone else says they are immune to it as they’ve had it before.

Heath and Bianca reconcile a bit, Heath shakes with Pneumonia at the hospital. Brax, Liam  and Heath stage a conversation for Jamie to overhear, when he hears Leah’s where-abouts he heads to the house and gets trapped inside by the Braxton brothers. They tell Adam that they have his son prisoner and want him, Adam, gone and out of their lives. Adams has contacts and doesn’t walk away.

Dex and April are considering going to University together but Dex’s eyes look really funny, he’s missed his MRI and other important tests.

Sasha and Tamara are still cat fighting over Casey. I wonder who will get through the cat flap? Casey refuses to choose between them saying to both of them that he can’t start anything right now because of all his constant problems. Casey’s juvenile w/e detention, keeps his head down but a bully/thug is out to get him, but a male worker at the prison encourages Casey to get involved in their rehabilitation programmes to make him have a fresh start. Casey is reluctant at first but then tries to go for it. Natalie speaks to a guy on the phone whose looking out for Casey while he’s in Juvenile prison.


It’s gone dark here very early, I bet it’s going to rain again tonight. Lets hope there’s no more flooding here tonight. My feet are purple and cold with the MS, I wish I had better circulation, take care everyone, enjoy what’s left of the w/e, taa for reading my blog, I feeling a little bit better, goodnight all x. Wink