Bianca now wears her hair more like a curly shoulder-length blonde perm. She looks OK though.
I noticed Heath Braxton kissing April’s forehead, looking rather protective of her. Is the Iceman Heath starting to melt before April? Henri clearly still has ulterior motives but both Henri and April dump Heath. Heath tells April he’s not Boyfriend material, Henri already knows that too. Although a good actor, I still think Heath is a low-life.
Romeo won a nice silver cup during a surfing competition. Ruby had also taken part but Romeo failed to tell his wife Indie so Indie was supportive at the start but felt Romeo was lying to her. I’m starting to suspect Romeo thinks he can not do right for doing wrong in his new marriage.
Xavier finds out John and Gina are having marriage problems. It was funny watching John trying to repair a spare part and then later burning meat on a barbeque. John moves into the Summer Bay House to give his wife Gina some space, but John thinks their marriage might not survive much more.
Colleen discovers what looks like a missing sharp knife from the diner. Tyler has nicked it. Tyler and Casey go camping together in the bush. Casey tells Tyler he brings back bad memories of when he was in the juvenile detention centre. Tyler then tries to stab Casey but luckily, after receiving a text message, Brax saves Casey. Brax also openly thanks Leah for everything she’s done for him. He acknowledges she was only looking out for him.
Sid wants to join the Flying Doctors. He is running out of money after loosing his job as a Dr at the hospital. Sids’ children make it very clear they have no desire to leave Summer Bay.
Roo openly flirts with a builder in full view of Harvey. I’m starting to wonder just when will Roo and Harvey realise they are made for each other? Alf says to Roo he is planning to visit Thailand to help Miles build his school. Roo jokes back to Alf “bring me back some duty-free”.
A memorial takes place for Stu. Stu’s father also suffered what appeared to be a heart attack, Sid brought him back to life – his wife had tried to poison him. Stu’s dad wants to talk to Dex but Dex doesn’t want to know, I can not say that I blame him. Christie bullies Sascha, she trips her up and later, her and a bunch of girls corner Sascha and beat her up. Sascha’s bullying on-line also continues, Gina and Sascha’s friends strongly suspect what is going on but Sascha doesn’t think its a big deal and she can handle it. Sascha wore two red clips in her hair today and some fingerless gloves too. The actress who plays Christie is both fantastic and gripping to watch on screen. After watching her today I think Home and Away bosses should give her a long contract or screen role.
Best point for me in Home and Away was when John Palmer said of his wife Gina “she’s lavish with servility”. I so love watching my second or third best friend, after 5 News UK (no 1) – Home and Away Omnibus – on 5*.