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Heath and April get steamy again in her bedroom for 60 mins exactly, according to April herself as she has her studying to do. Later in the episode Henri Embarrasses April by saying her assignment isn’t good enough, but her real intention is to try and lure and seduce Heath from April. April asks Heath can they become an exclusive couple, he agrees but with that smile on his face I’m left somehow wondering how long his sincerity will last, probably for now. Though April seems reassured she does not trust Henri as far she can probably throw her. Casey continues to have psychological trauma after his past time in a juvenile detention centre. Henri tries to get him to open up, but he says he knows where his friends are, if he wants to talk about anything sometime, he will. Ruby catches Brax using a woman for nookie, and later they start to open up to each other about Charlie’s death which I think this is well overdue. Ruby tells Brax she simply has no idea when she can ever forgive Brax for her mum’s Charlie’s tragic death. Brax says to Leah they are not friends and he doesn’t have to justify his actions, i.e. the girl he is having nookie with so soon after Charlie’s death. Leah is only looking out for Brax since Charlie died, he had shown signs of a near breakdown. He repays her kindness by behaving like a total prat. Leah also says he shouldn’t fight in the ring again, and Doctor Sid Walker confesses to Brax “I know where you got your bruises from”. Casey helps Henri carry some books around, a suspicious April then asks Casey why. I noticed in this particular episode of Home and Away while on the beach they took their shoes or sandals off, no idea why they did that. Alf suggests to Gina why not try to cast a line fishing? Quickly realising its not her thing she tells Alf she going home to John. It feels like whichever way John handles things, losing all that money may be beyond forgiveness for Gina. As I predicted in my last blog, Dennis legs it without giving John any of his money back, and Gina is keeping her distance from John for now until, I think, she feels she can trust him again. In 1 scene Leah and Roo use a Apple type computer, well I never could have guessed they owned 1. Irene starts to sing Country and Western music, and openly discusses her next stab at Karaoke. Marilyn is definitely up for it, and Colleen says she will try her hand at Barbara Streisand. “Good grief woman” Alf may soon exclaim! Liam states he doesn’t like Irene doing her Dolly Parton thing but it didn’t sound much anyway like a Dolly Parton song. Liam has offended and hurt Irene’s feelings, but later in the programme they have a sincere touching sing-along with each other and Liam’s guitar. Colleen guesses quickly that Bianca is pregnant when she orders decaffeinated coffee in the diner. Bianca says she just fancies a change so, as you guessed it, Bianca’s pregnancy is now public knowledge, although I think she wanted it kept quiet until she was ready to tell other people. Ruby and Leah share a hug and start to build bridges with each other again. My favourite scene in Home and Away today was Roo pushing Harvey into the sea while out speaking publicly. She had, at that moment, found out Harvey had again mislead her. The sexual tension or chemistry is both interesting and amusing to watch at times with those 2, I’d like the actor who plays Harvey to have a longer contract, he’s now my favourite male character in Home and Away, and I think he should now become a regular cast member and be on the actual cast list on the Home and Away Website. He isn’t listed on there at present, whatever his real name is, and April remains my favourite female cast member. Rather surprisingly Xavier and Sascha continue to get closer, they share a very tender moment then kiss a bit later on. Sascha then later confirms to Sid she killed Stu after he hit the water again, (he bangs his head which kills him). A bloody shirt is then found at the farm. Has Sascha told the complete truth? I think not ,let’s hope Morag can get to the real truth behind it all. At the Police Academy Xavier’s male teacher there continues to make life difficult for Xavier. He apparently has a reputation for doing just that, he then absconds from the Police Academy to spend some time with Sascha, with everything she is going through. Later he opens up to a female policewoman friend about what’s happened, she has a word and Xavier gets to return to the Police Academy. I think Sascha will start to miss having Xavier around.
Meridian News ITV1 on Saturday 24th march 2012.
A man sets up a website which keeps crashing, its called The Whitstable Auction. He’s selling all together a house, a beach hut, and an ice cream shop, he wants to use the proceeds to travel and then enjoy his retirement. I think he had suffered health problems too. He has had offers from all over the world, and I think he said he had even been interviewed by the Australia media too as it’s such a unique auction he is now doing. `A study in movement in bronze`, an exhibition was also mentioned. It’s not really my thing that but I guess it looked OK. Sadly Bournemouth football club lost 1/0 today – shame. Weather was dry, some sunshine, mild, no proper frost overnight, and there will be a different wind direction on Friday. I have no idea what that really means or feels like.
ITV Main News on date as above.
Just before the ITV1 main news came on, a DVLA advert came up. I thought it was good and if you are a motorist you would be very well informed. I myself don’t drive or own a car. Lucy Meacock read the ITV1 main news tonight, I’ve only seen her read the ITV1 main news a couple of times, but I remember her strongly from her past days, when she was a presenter on the Granada Tonight Programme. The main headline tonight was a stationary coach crash which was hit by a lorry. It looked a bit misty and foggy. A 35 year old man died and the coach was travelling from Birmingham. President Sarkozy poll rating is improving, and a report showed that it was felt the French gunman would not be taken out alive as some wanted. A fishing boat has been found on the west coast of Canada, apparently the vessel had started it’s journey a year ago and was probably off course, or probably somehow completely lost. The black football player that recently suffered a heart attack at a match faces a long road to recovery I heard say, but at a football match, I think it was at the Reebok Stadium, football players sang his name and fans remembered what had happened to him and offered their full support. A couple invited the Queen as they apparently knew she was visiting their region, and both the Queen and Prince Philip actually turned up for their wedding! They were both flabbergasted, but thrilled they came too. It looked like there were a couple of people with medals on in the Background. I guess some local Mayor were also there, I wonder if Simon Vigar in his role as 5 News royal reporter will touch on this rather unusual royal news story 1 day next week.

National Weather.
British Summer Time begins now, the clocks have changed. Nice weather continues, but there will be some fog and mist towards the north sea coast wherever that is.