Dear Blog,
The Home and Away weekly omnibus on 5* every Saturday afternoon always cheers me up a lot as I find weekends so lonely inside me at times. I love it even more now just as much as 5 News UK, and I may also include the Tonight programme in that particular statement too. In love I found it a bit hard to choose today, though Mystery Woman film was on yet again with the awesome actress herself Kellie Martin in it, I so love watching that, but watching my beloved Home And Away was way too important to me. I prefer the Omnibus, though longer on 2 and a half hours approx, and a bit more gripping keep it all up though 5* and CH5 UK too.
Ruby is being way too nice, and trying way too hard to still fit in and please practically everyone in Summer Bay. Who will actually take the time to listen to her and hang out with her too? (as she puts it) trying to make drinks making sarnies and constantly asking them are you OK. April, wearing a nice red and white scarf in the scene, fairly quickly notices and says very quietly to her man “Dex what’s she still doing here?” Meanwhile 1 of her dodgy neighbours in the caravan park, Daddy Braxton, is conspiring against her to get his hands on Ruby’s inheritance from her deceased mum Charlie, which he learns about from Marilyn while still trying to woe her in the diner. Daddy Braxton luring Ruby with Barbeques and maybe a false sense of security too. Watch out dear Ruby? But Casey can see now what’s really going on. Ruby is jealous at the clear, very open way, at Angelo’s, Romeo is trying to win back his wife Indie by constantly eating and hanging around there. Crying, Ruby then snogs Casey at Angelo’s in a very clear visual desperate attempt to make Romeo jealous, but her strategy fails and with Romeo it falls on some very deaf ears, and Casey then admits he just doesn’t feel that way about her anymore but still cares about her deeply. Casey then kindly kisses Ruby’s forehead and they then both agree to stay good friends and also look out for 1 another. Leah runs after Ruby on a path and then tries to advise Ruby about Casey and her actions, but Ruby simply isn’t interested in her advice and quickly tells her, and I quote, “Just mind your own business Leah.”
Marilyn and Daddy Braxton are still cosy together. Marilyn wrongly thinks Daddy Braxton has gone missing and is a bit concerned,  nicks a key and looks in his caravan. Then Heath discovers her and Marilyn makes her excuses and quickly scarpers  back towards the caravan door. Heath then finds some old letters in a box type tin which Daddy Braxton had held on to, they all said “return to sender” on the envelopes. In fact Brax had left Daddy Braxton to rot in jail, and Heath, very angrily fairly quickly, finds this out. Later Daddy Braxton then burns all the letters in the caravan park, he thinks he’s now back within the Braxton family unit but I suspect he is wrong. Brax is still trying to find a way to pay back some money to Daddy Braxton which Daddy Braxton thinks Brax stole from him in the 1st place, The Bank won’t lend Brax any money so Brax turns to a dodgy looking mate, while Casey looks on looking suspicious of Brax’s motives, and then very quickly turns back to crime, breaking a big promise he had once made to Charlie. Natalie looks on, there’s a real sexual chemistry burning now between Natalie and Brax. Poor Leah, I bet she will be green with envy now as Brax had once rejected her own advances. Heath tries his level best to support his girlfriend Bianca and their new premature small baby Rocco, but Heath tells a small fib, and it turns out he needs some time out, and is later seen alone at the beach. I wonder where the lovely little Darcy is at the moment and what she would make of it all? She’s very bright and pretty too. Heath holds Rocco at the hospital while Bianca looks on. Irene tries her level best but still doesn’t trust Heath, or even like him that much, but tolerates him in her house for Bianca’s and Rocco’s sake maybe too.
There’s a growing chemistry now between Indie and Liam. Will the former rock star and his waitress get it together or will Romeo eventually win his wife back? Sid expresses his concern for his daughter, and tells Romeo he and Indie should not get back together in his own opinion. Romeo still keeps on hanging about at Angelo’s, but Indie is feeling very torn and simply doesn’t understand what Romeo is trying to tell her, and then she learns that Sid had warned off Romeo at Leah’s house. It would appear now Romeo is trying to give Indie some more space, Indie says it’s too much space for her and that things are now becoming more awkward and complicated between them. Richard Bosic, Jet’s potential dad, visits Gina and John and then tells them Jet was throwing stones at his house, and had also destroyed some garden ornaments outside his home which didn’t actually belong to him. Later, he tells Jet “I didn’t like that Gnome very much anyway” and they then both stroll near the beach and discuss their favoured football teams and fishing too, are they starting to connect with each other? Jet says he’s ok but not what I expected in a dad. Richard Bosic then shoots through, a rejected Jet seems cheerful enough but Gina strongly suspects he’s holding it all inside him. Jet later moves some flags along the beach to help out John Palmer in his role as a waves lifeguard, and comments about John’s Lifeguard cap. John replies by saying it takes a lot to earn 1 of these.
After trying to remain Friends and getting all dolled up in a fancy dark blue dress to impress Casey, Sasha tells him she tried unsuccessfully she feels, to be his friend, but she feels much more than that, does he feel the same way about her? Casey very startled and taken aback says no! Sasha tells him she doesn’t need to hear anymore than that and quickly runs out of the door, feeling an idiot for getting Casey all wrong. Harvey tells Mel, Lottie really wants to stay with him and Roo at the Summer Bay House. Mel urges Lottie to change her mind but Lottie is caught in the catch 22 situation, and in middle, with both her parents. Alf Stewart is saying that so far nobody’s really being fair to Lottie and with what she wants. Mel then issues a legal challenge for Harvey to fight her in the family court for full custody of Lottie. Mel then threatens to bring up a cruel, guilty type secret from Harvey’s own past. He was drunk on the boat when their son died. In a bid to desperately protect Lottie from this fact, and it coming out so publicly in the family court, Harvey then tells Roo and Lottie that she’s much better off with her mum Mel. But after being treated in a mental health facility, is Mel now really capable of now looking after Lottie the Poor Girl? Harvey thinks if he tells Lottie the full truth she will never ever speak to him again. Roo later hears the very same truth from Mel herself, but Roo, after speaking to Morag, a good lawyer relative, she still thinks they still have a chance of full custody of Lottie. I’d tell Harvey to give Lottie the benefit of the doubt, tell her the truth in full, her reaction may actually surprise you and everybody else around her. PrincessStar 
I also think it would be really awesome if a evil female villain could be in Home And Away. She could worm her way in via the caravan park or the Summer Bay House, she could have a great many sides to her own character and an agenda, and she could then turn out to be a killer in a girls gang who said all gang members were boys. She could be seductive and maybe bed Brax or Heath, or even both of them, who knows! Maybe at the same time, even maybe she could be called Nichelle, just like the actress real first name who played Lieutenant Uhaura in the Star Trek original TV series. What about it Execs, or the powers that be at Home And Away Channel 7 Australia? What do you think? Maybe Lorna would be a good name for her too if Home and Away had never used a character with that same name before now?
I feel very drained tonight, now have done 2 fairly long blogs  have felt tired all day, luckily the cats outside never, this time, made it into the flat or their fleas either! I saw the grey squirrel that hangs around outside too on the wall, maybe 1 day it will learn to trust me? Hopefully next week I won’t feel as isolated as I did last week. My plans for today only partly turned out as I’d originally planned.LaughSleeping half-moonbrb
Take Care 1 and all and a great many thanks for reading my blogs enjoy what’s left of the weekend Goodnight Everyone Sleepy smilebrb