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At long last my beloved Home And Away is back on my TV set. I’ve really missed the drama, the highs and lows of life in Summer Bay. April and Harvey remain my firm favourite characters. I hear Julian Clary won Big Brother – well done to him. Julian Clary is good on stage, sadly me and Frank won’t get to see his latest tour. It’s partly about money, but the dates of his theatre tour when I saw them advertised in the Daily Star newspaper didn’t, at 1st glance to me, fit in with what Frank was doing so I never even mentioned to him in the end. I glanced briefly at today’s interception of Home And Away in the Daily Star TV magazine, it is already well out of date with storylines. As for Eastenders, I only watch it very occasionally, and couldn’t care less about or who Kat Moon’s new lover is. It be good though maybe if Zoe ( Kats daughter) I guess, came back into it at some point in the future.
In Home And Away Casey talks about ordering a banana milk shake in the diner with Leah. I don’t mind Banana Milk Shake myself but hate bananas themselves, and doesn’t their bendy type shape sometimes remind you vaguely of some saucy thoughts real or not? Romeo is trying to win back his wife Indie back, Indie says to Romeo to clear things once and for all, and clear the air with Ruby. Romeo then gives it a go but tells Ruby he can never forgive her for her actions and lies that made him feel very trapped. Ruby tells Romeo she wanted to be with him and strongly suspected he’d go back to Indie and that’s why she did it she remarks. Meanwhile Indie has a new waitressing job at Angelo’s and Romeo then sees a very happy, excited, giddy looking Indie and Liam getting on really well, there’s maybe some flirting going on that they themselves are not aware of yet. Lotte is feeling very torn as to whether to go back and live with her mum in the city somewhere, or remain in Summer Bay with her dad Harvey And Roo. Initially she chooses to remain with Harvey, but I think Lottes mum will have other ideas and demand she lives with her. Lotte is being very mature I think for her 16 years of age. Alf Stewart says to Lotte to follow her own heart and do what is right for her and nobody else, others should fit in with her given time. Daddy Braxton orders an expensive bottle of plonk and has an intimate dinner with Marilyn at Angelo’s, maybe it will soon be his last meal there ever, he then looks at the receipt bill and just doesn’t pay it. 2 Henchman in the dark lie in wait, they hit Brax over the head as he tries to get into his car with something, not sure what it was, then an unconscious Brax is then put into a car, abducted, and left in a Grassy area. Brax, with blood and cuts on his face, finds, what at 1st glance looks like a motorway, and a car then stops – it’s Doctor Sid Walker, Brax quickly needs to go to hospital, Brax at 1st refuses, then does so very reluctantly, quickly realising he will be stranded alone otherwise. Heath and Casey then hear about what’s happened, but are somewhat sceptical Daddy Braxton had absolutely anything to do with it. Daddy Braxton denies any involvement but constantly looking at his watch during his meal with Marilyn at Angelo’s I think gave the game way. He used the excuse `I’ve been in jail for so long` or something for doing that. Counsellor Nathalie thinks Daddy Braxton had tried to threaten her and believes Brax over Daddy Braxton. I bet sparks and some on-screen chemistry will soon fly between Nathalie and Brax. Heath and Bianca share a steamy snog in the hospital room, and then April and Dex walk in at just the wrong moment. Dex seems shocked and a bit Speechless, April seems jealous as Heath never opened up to her in that way when they were together as a couple. Bianca and Heath decide to give things a go and its then sealed with another kiss. Irene remains very sceptical about these ultra strange events. V.J. and Jet start working together as Gina forced them too on a school project using a computer. V.J. sees the list of names Jet keeps on hiding and he then confesses `1 of them could be my Dad`. Gina then goes to meet Jet’s father Richard Bosic but he says it cannot be true, but in Gina’s mind the dates for him to be Jet’s father add up. Jet’s father is a passed drug dealer or addict with no job or prospects, but he says he is clean now, but Jet’s Mum had rejected help and he very quickly rejects Jet and refuses to meet with him. On hearing this bombshell news from Gina, Jet then goes back to his dad’s house and throws bricks and stones at his dads home and windows. Dad then comes outside but Jet then quickly runs away and hides behind a nearby wall, visibly shaken with 1 of his hands bleeding. Jet then continues answering back and being cheeky to John and Gina after feeling near constantly lied too and rejected by the man who he suspects is his dad. John Palmer tells Jet if he runs away from their home he will be put straight back into foster care or care itself. Just for now this keeps Jet in line, but for just how long, maybe not very long at all. This is 1 very angry, pent up little boy, a little action man of sorts you might say. I also think Gina is starting to miss her son Xavier a lot, maybe a piece of her life is missing there I think. April also wore on-screen today a nice blue skirt with a belt and a pale orange looking blouse.
The weather here is way too hot and humid for me. I feel isolated but try to keep on smiling, but it’s very tough at times. My spine still feels inflamed and painful but it could be much worse, the Morphine must be working.

Take care of yourselves Goodnight all many thanks again for reading this blog.

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