I am fairly disappointed to say that, after next weeks edition of Home And Away omnibus, it’s off air for about 6 weeks approx for their `Summer Holiday` so all the cast get a well deserved break at the exact same time. I personally think Home And Away being off air for that long is not a good thing, but they will be showing some old classic episodes in its place, so that will no doubt bring back some old classic memories for some of us. Although I took part in the voting X1, I won’t myself be watching these old previous episodes of my favourite soap Home And Away. As for Neighbours it would be for the best now if it were axed with a good final exit sort of storyline.

Dear Blog.  Xavier gets into a lot of trouble for hacking into the Police data base computer, and, after finding a photo, gives a name to who he thinks maybe Jets’ dad. This man clearly has a criminal record of some kind for drugs. Xavier then leaves the issue with Gina and decides to leave his personal life behind, remain in the police force, but move away and start afresh away from Summer Bay. I wondered if Xavier was leaving Summer Bay as you had started to see less and less of him, certainly over the last 6 months or so, in the show. John Palmer also asks Xavier’s boss not to report him to the authorities after 1 mistake.

Roo feels a bit weird, and a bit trapped, and overwhelmed in her being, at the thought of Lottie staying in the Summer Bay House on a more permanent basis. She’s very scared of the prospect of being a step-mum amongst other things. While raking leaves, Harvey playfully slaps Roos arse, a funny scene I thought, and John Palmer looks on rather scarily with Xavier.

Marilyn then meets Daddy Braxton while serving him in the diner, but Leah warns Marilyn he’s been in jail, don’t let him feel too welcome in the diner. Daddy Braxton goes to the house looking for some money he had stashed there in the distant past, but Brax tells him the money is gone and also bin spent, but didn’t say how much or how the money was actually spent.

Daddy Braxton and Casey have a few too many beers together and Casey then spends the night on the beach alone. Both Sasha and Nathalie find him, and then try to learn what is going on in Casey’s mind. Its starting to look very much like Sasha has the hots now for Casey, but she denies it, stating that she is looking out for Casey as a friend that’s all, and that she isn’t jealous of Casey cuddling Ruby. Good job she doesn’t know yet they had also shared a kiss, but Casey pushes Ruby away asking what is she doing and Ruby cannot apologise enough then too Casey. Sasha ends up wearing a red tartan style dress/skirt with braces. It’s nice, but I have never really seen anything like it before now.

Liam moves back in with Leah, to start with Leah had her reservations after Liam had previously shacked up with druggie Hayley the solicitor, but Liam says they have now split, for good this time, but leah tells Liam to take his time paying the rent after Brax got sick of him and fired him from the Angelo’s the Restaurant. Mummy Braxton then flees the house as she is very scared at seeing Daddy Braxton returning home soon from jail, and what the consequences maybe. Ruby, after being pressed again by Leah to see an obstruction, tells Leah she is lying to Romeo about being pregnant. Leah tells Ruby to tell Romeo the truth or else, but for now she refuses too. Ruby seems very desperate to have Romeo as her boyfriend, he’s married and wants Indie back. Get a life & move on Rubes. Romeo then gets a job as a sales rep, something to do with surf boards, to provide for his new family. Indie tearful wishes Romeo well in his future with Ruby and tells Romeo she now deeply regrets telling Romeo to get a proper job instead of surfing. Indie also gets distraught after losing her wedding ring. Leah looks for it in Salad leaves on the diner floor but Indie finds it again in another apron she had used. Sid gives Indie a cheque to pay back  Romeo, who will probably then pay Ruby back. Sid tells Indie she can then pay him back in installments, but now at least she will hopefully be able to put the past behind her and then move on in her life.

Bianca is still suffering from a psychosis, she still thinks her baby is dead. Heath is supportive but then tries to stay in the background with his baby boy. Bianca then runs away from the hospital and back into Liam’s arms, clearly forgetting they had ended their marriage. She’s then given an injection by Sid and then, back at the hospital, Bianca cannot recall any recent events. She meets her new baby in an incubator as he is still premature, and she then appears to be on a very slow road to recovery. I’m left wondering though just how did Bianca know Liam was actually staying with Leah? Bianca said to Liam “I cannot find my clothes”, but does she really need them as Liam had actually suggested she take a soak in the bath.

Dex and April are still very much into each other. Poor Lottie, I think. They studied a book together while cuddling up and then did the deed of course, not though with the camera watching them! Though April is very stressed out, tired to run down about her sister Bianca. Get Well soon April, you are my favourite female character in Summer Bay, my favourite male character is Harvey Ryan.

Take Care All very tired night. FilmstripSleepy smileSchool bus