I rather liked this particular feel good movie, in particular the two child actors playing the greatest showman and his wife when they met as young children. The music in this particular film was spectacular and the songs sung by the children, especially the boy, was really gripping for me. The film tells the story of P T Barnum who lost his job as an accounts clerk due to the company going insolvent. He then decides to take out a loan to start a wonders of the world museum, but it then fails and his children point out it’s too boring, everything is stuffed and dead. So he decides to fill it with living wonders as a circus type show, e.g. A bearded lady, Siamese Twins, A tiny man, a trapeze act etc. This is hugely successful but only by the masses and not high society who he wants to be accepted by as an equal. He then persuades a successful playwright to join him because he has contacts in high places. The writer gets the circus an audience with Queen Victoria. At this audience he meets a young accomplished singer who he befriends and with promises of a world wide tour he brings back her to America. The US tour is a massive success but he then realises she wants him and when he says no she abandons him and the tour leaving him broke yet again. He realises his real friends and his wife are what are crucial, something he lost in his reach for high society, so he returns and rebuilds his life, especially after a fire burns the circus building down. A new era starts for the circus in a big top, and he lives happily ever after with his pretty blonde wife and children. I would give this film a 7 1/2 out of 10 rating. My favourite character was Barnum’s snooty father-in-law, and my favourite scene was were the young Barnum first met his future bride while she was having an etiquette lesson involving a tea cup. The romance between the writer and the trapeze artist was most touching and memorable in the film.

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