I saw The BBC1 show the food inspectors tonight on BBC1 I’ve always admired consumer champion Matt Allright but his sidekick I think maybe off the Watchdog programme but I have no idea who he is 1 thing is for certain though he’s not the same sidekick that Matt Allright sometimes in a joking way uses on the Rogue Traders programme who he sometimes shares his motorbike with is it Dan The man springs to mind somehow. Anyhow this programme focused on keeping track of who Cows are before they eventually end  up on our plates I have to admit I had no idea that Cows could get TB summit in the back of my brain says badgers get it maybe I may have seen that mentioned on Newsround Somewhere. Also on was a burger van everybody locally seemed to like some old mouse droppings were found there and he used a kettle to heat water instead of a proper tap I felt for the guy on this as using a kettle type jug in my mind means he always had near ready access to hot water I respect the hygiene inspectors views but on this issue I don’t completely agree with them. Also mentioned was a Bacteria that I could never begin to say or even spell so on that I can only say wash your hands carefully try and make sure you store food in a fridge at the right temperature and try to enjoy whatever food you then consume Bon Appétit everyone before ya food.Plate