I was very disappointed when a couple of weeks ago our local Marks and Spencer’s store closed its doors for the final time. I think it had traded there in the same place since 1930. It was bad enough to lose yet another famous brand like M & S from the high street, but on the day it closed down they simply moved their stock and the staff to other M & S branches, there was no real feel-good celebration of how well this particular store had done over the years, there was no real sales either which I felt was a poor way to treat the store, staff and its customers as it closed its doors. I eyed up a necklace which I think cost £39, as pictured, as a memento of the store closing down I would have bought this necklace for £12 at the most. As you can probably see from one of my previous blogs I’d always dreamed of buying my partner Frank a suit but could never afford to do so. As we were in the store for the final time I bought my partner a shirt worth £25, it was the only purchase. M & S did have a sale of its food items an hour before closing, the shelves were cleared very quickly and we bought some reduced daffodils and reduced roast potatoes. 

Thank you all for reading this blog.

Would you miss M & S from the high street if it wasn't there?

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