I noticed in the Family Fortunes Ad. break tonight a good advert came up for the cash generators outlets I sometimes use with a donkey in it. I’m just wondering what electrical item the Donkey purchased in the end?Rolling on the floor laughing
Vernon Kaye opened the programme with a joke something about a spanner in the works.
The 1st family that were on were the Rippon family. Apparently Angela Rippon has been a journalist for over 40 years, good on her. Vernon Kaye I think said that Angela Rippon brought some class to the programme. 1 family member of her’s was from Dartmoor which, for reasons to me unknown, somehow rang a bell. Angela Rippon is a Trekkie, a Star Trek fan, I’m 1 too. She likes horse riding and has a collection of over 80 teddy bears! At 35 years old I do have a couple of rather old Barbie dolls hanging around in my flat, including my favourite – a Bratz doll with small ice skates on. I think Angela Rippon said she was playing the game to raise money for the Alzheimer’s society (my gran passed away in 2003 with Dementia). The 2nd contestant I think she is a singer called Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who Vernon Kaye said he was a massive fan of. I also noticed she maybe pregnant. Sophie apparently cheekily used to sell Blue Peter badges at school – naughty girl! And I think 1 of her icons is Julie Andrews. She also used to try to eat sweets with the wrapper on sometimes, something to do with how they tasted, a very strange habit indeed I must say. Sophie was playing for 2 charities although I cannot recall their names. Funny questions included `Name something that comes out at night`, Owl was there, as was Vampires in the survey. A prize was also given for 1 of the answers – a holiday to the Canary Island Tenerife. `A food people associate with France was asked – Angela Rippon did not think of frogs legs so the points went to the other team instead. I vaguely thought of it but I only eat Croissants very occasionally. `Name another word for a bad smell`. I thought of stench which I think was the 7th most popular answer. `Pooh` was not in the survey at all, although a girl though of it. In the double money round `Name a thing that happens to people as they get older` came up. Answers included going bald, getting wrinkles, losing your teeth and even losing your memory. Vernon Kaye got Sophie Ellis Bextor to play a tune on a recorder, I myself used to play the recorder, then surprisingly Vernon Kaye mimicked playing the recorder and tried to dance a bit of a jig, and then he was a bit out of breath. afterwards, it was amusing and a bit different of Vernon Kaye to do this. `Name something you buy a bunch of`. Onions proved the deciding answer and Sophie Ellis Bextor won the right to play big money. In the end she narrowly lost out I think by something like 2 points to win the jackpot for her 2 chosen charities but she did extremely well and did win a lot of money anyway for her 2 chosen charities, and she may have even now boosted her own record sales although I’m not into or even heard her music.Who me?
Next week there are 2 `celebrities`I’ve never heard of.