This for me is a fairly sad blog and brings a little tear to my eye. Our local House of Fraser store is now earmarked for closure as it is not making enough money or profit. I feel there is an unfortunate trend for our high street to decline even further. I’m not saying I went an awful lot to my local House of Fraser store as my MS can make it difficult for me to go to the town centre and at times the goods they sold were a little bit too pricey for me. If I was in our local town centre I did eat and drink at the house of Fraser store, this is partly because unfortunately in January we lost our M & S too from the local high street. It is now starting to feel bit like doomsday for our highstreet, there is plenty of bookmakers, porn-brokers, barbers and beauty parlours. Some of these close down and then very similar outlets open up. In fact I don’t believe our local highstreet can be sustained in its present form. I’m now left wondering could our local HMV and Debenhams in the town centre could come under more financial pressure. More people are going on line and this is not a factor in the equation that can be easily adapted or changed. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog and here are two web links to news articles about this House of Fraser story which are a fairly good read.

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Article 1 A local paper.

Article 2 -the Mirror