My toilet is playing up, on a Sunday of all days. I have a push button flush (I’d rather have a mahogany handled one) and when I press it only a small amout of water’s is coming out so the contents is not flushed away. Yuk! Don’t know why – blockage?¬†Low water flow? Got a plumber coming round later, nice man, lets hope he doesn’t charge me a fortune.

I’ve met a lovely woman in town who had just the sort of wheelchair I need, not a scooter but a small wheeled powered wheelchair suitable for outdoors, which she got from a hospital. I’ve asked my GP to try to find out where and the route to take on the NHS to get one, wish me luck.

Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Everyone but me enjoys the weather by the seaside, it’s way too humid here, a real lack of ventilation that I can use. I hope on day I can get a bungalow near my beloved pier. I’m a bit behind my 5 News UK blogs, I and my other half will try to do a bit more on this this week comming.

Goodbye for now all. Laugh