My balance due to my MS is a bit more manageable at the moment, I do feel very depressed on the on going basis of me being housebound. The weather here today is settled but yesterday and the day before it was very windy and rainy.

Today this afternoon I watched `Murder she wrote` first. The particular episode shown was called `Powderkegg`. It featured an American blonde whose on-screen brother got shot and after death he had been stabbed a number of times. It wasn’t a bad episode, OK overall in fact.

The original movie `Columbo – Prescription murder` was shown yet again on ITV1 today. The credits on this are very interesting. A male psychiatrist strangles his wife from behind, Columbo has the male shrink sust. and the shrink respects him but clearly gets annoyed. He just wants Columbo and his famous cigar to just go away. Columbo pressures the psychiatrist’s lover into admitting she was an accessory to the psychiatrist’s wife’s murder. A navy blue dress, black sunglasses and a wig make it interesting. The best scene in this episode is when Columbo fakes the death in a swimming pool of the psychiatrist’s accomplice, it then comes out just how little the psychiatrist thinks of his lover and accomplice. He only married his wife that he killed in the first place for her cash and maybe her connections too. I’d give this a 6/10 rating. I hope ITV1 next time show the Columbo episode that sees a dog eating a man and being told to do it using unique style code words.

I’m going to try to watch Dirty Dancing” film on CH5 tonight. It’s an OK sort of film, I think I was aged between 10 and 12 when it was originally made. Goodnight for now everyone. 😀