I’m very enthusiastic about the Eurovision Song Contest. It is my very own version of Xmas day minus the black Xmas tree and family.

I felt this years UK entry was weak and sounded like a cross between the Rat Pack and the Music of the Night song. The BBC’s very undemocratic decision to choose both the artist and the song I feel means the UK should now have to compete in the semi-finals stage, and the BBC potentially loose the rights to show the Eurovision Song Contest. I think the ideal host for the Eurovision Song Contest would be Dale Winton, but Graham Norton is doing an OK job at the moment, with his rather unusual vibrant take on it.

I think it’s ludrious that Jedwards’ hair was potencially given by the press for them not doing as well as last year. Theirs was a rather good song but out of all the 27 songs, theirs’ was my fifth favourite.

The best song by far, to my mind, was the Cyprus entry. she stood on something and belted it out with all her heart. It wasn’t just good, it was breathtaking and just fantastic. Second choice Romania, third choice was Greece, Russia was fourth.

The eventual winner (Sweden) sang a song that had apparently been played a lot in Europe as a whole, and had been very well received. She had long black hair, a lovely smile and sang a song that to me sounded rather spooky/Halloween. I didn’t get the song but it was OK I guess,

Next year – 2013 – the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Stockholm. I will now say that if the rumors are correct that music mogul Simon Cowell will be involved in Eurovision in choosing the artist or the song I feel this is the wrong decision, but it would be somewhat awesome if the awesome singer Sinitta sang the entry. Andrew Lloyd-Webber could not win the Eurovision Song Contest a few years back, and we scored no better when the BBC tried it their way and came second to last, only followed by Norway. The British public should choose the singer or our song. It’s such a shame the awesome singer, Aussie singer Jason Donovan turned down the offer to do Eurovision as I think he would be really good.

Long live Eurovision, I now raise my glass to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. 😆