Parliament protestors.


Disabled people who bravely used a battering ram style tactic to gain entry into the chamber the House of Commons.

The Independent Living Fund (the I.L.F.) is being axed and the so called money is going to the social services local authority instead. It is more to do with the controlled public acceptance that disabled people cannot undertake or do it better than the so called recognized experts and stay within their own budget. Also they won’t be able to use it in their own particular way they want to, for example a client wanting to pay for a drug themselves, or treat what they think is their main problem or medical condition when the experts think they know it so much better .The government once said publicly the ILF was no longer affordable, in axing the ILF they have enforced a policy that in fact means criteria decision making becomes the public accepted norm, and the forced money contribution disabled people and other vulnerable groups have to make to gain the money in the first place. The I.L.F. was an excellent policy that worked in getting true justice and real choice personalization for disabled people if the I.L.F. worked well for disabled people then there was no good or reasonable way to change or remove it. I endorse what these disabled people did, let’s not forget some were in wheelchairs and were very desperate to be heard. The government and the powers that be simply didn’t want to listen to what they wanted and how they wanted it, just like a teacher telling her students to shut up and behave or go to stand in the corner. Certain people asking the media not to film the protest itself so much for free speech and the media able to report the news shows the powers that be wanted their own fairytale read in their own way not in the disabled peoples way this government should hold its head in shame along with previous ones who behaved in a similar way These steps could be a good first step.


A)         A minister for disabled people who themselves has a disability.

B)         A ring fenced budget to help disabled people on health and social care for all those that need it.

C)         A recognized spokesman who can advocate for both sides.

Certain people in the government seem to think I don’t know what these people are complaining about, its all ok. Well it’s definitely not or disabled people wouldn’t be trying to be a battering ram to get in or break down the big doors of power I hope this blog helps people to understand what it’s like to be in this kind of situation many thanks for reading my blog to learn a bit more on this subject please click on the web link as below.

The spending cuts we are now faced with, as a country, are all too often brutal and lack any kindness and basic common sense. The axe needs to come on ring fencing overseas aid and give the money instead to food banks in the U.K. that trust me really do need it the government claims its free food so people claim it that’s plain insensitive rubbish from a government in office but very out of touch.