I received some leaflets today by post from a Social Services manager. They were a fairly interesting read but if you are complex I can not help but feel things are not always what they seem in the leaflets. I also read a bit more about the Social Services charging policy for social care. One thing stood out to me – if a disabled person has a job then those earnings appear not to be taken into account when calculating a service charge for social care. DLA and all other associated benefits can be subject to a service charge. Disabled people need as much money as they can get their hands on without taking into account those benefits that can give them happiness and flexibility in their day-to-day lives. Managing 17 different complex medical conditions requires a lot of money. The NHS and Social Services + Gov’t need to axe service charges – the disabled persons’ poll tax! You can not put a price on flexibility, and the fact a disabled person can feel degraded in producing paperwork and expenditure to say whats going in and out. For some disabled people it’s not that simple. I will spend the rest of my life trying to convince Gov’ts and the wider society as a whole that service charges in NHS and social care are an unfair poll tax that should be written out of UK law as a whole.

On a more positive note I had my hand nails painted today with pink and glitter. I also had a manicure too. As human beings, disabled people need their ‘me time’ now more than ever. You can not put a price on that as it gives you something to aspire and live for. 😎