Dear Blog,

I’m absolutely gutted to hear the closure of HMV. Went on a real `downer` just like when Clinton Cards announced they were going into administration  too.

I visited my local HMV for possibly the final time today. Got a couple of discounts – 25%. Much better than Comets 10% when they went into administration last year but still felt there could have been more. Bought 2 CDs, 2 Blu-rays and a DVD and it still cast over £50. Probably could have got some items cheaper on-line elsewhere but bought out of loyalty/remembrance. Saw the report on the news of HMV going into administration on 5 News, surprised to learn that Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, had started at HMV. I wonder if he started warring his trademark red socks there? I been a regular customer since I was 13 yrs old and now I am 36 and passed it, so 20 years of support. I think they should honour the gift vouchers. Why were vouchers not insured? No excuse for the physical and verbal assaults to the staff though I heard about. 

I think they do a good on-line service so I don’t think they were at fault there, Amazon did undercut by quite a bit sometimes, e.g. with Bridesmaid DVD/blu-ray was seriously cheaper at Amazon. I hope that Hilco gets it so that they might save my local shop. The future looks fairly bleak for HMV at the moment, unless an absolute miracle occurs.

I was sorry to hear recently Jessop’s had gone to the wall  as well, good luck to them and their staff.

Take care my beloved HMV stores, miss you loads already.

Thank you all for reading my blog. Sad