I recently learned in the article above that the Institute for Public Policy Research has suggested, from my point of view, a divisive suggestion to resolve the growing social care crisis. Where I agree with what they say is that we should put different diseases like cancer care and dementia on an equal footing. However they single out over 65’s and I think working age adults face the same issues of funded medical care and, at present, unfunded social care. Free social care, or personal care as it is sometimes called, should be free at the point of need for the levels of disability that continue to grow.

I have some empathy for those over 65 affect by this very important issue but please let us not loose sight of those of working age who can develop a long term illness or disease long before they have paid into the system. In my eyes there is no distinction made between the elderly and those of my age (around 40). If there were a distinction made, to me that would feel like age discrimination.

I do feel to put up income tax to pay for social care would be a good idea, they suggested 2p. I thinkĀ  it would need 3 – 4p to include people in working age in this care. Bed blocking is a side effect of our crumbling NHS system, in fact an NHS nurse once informed me I needed suitable social care to return home which wasn’t available at that time so I had to stay in hospital, My exact words to her was “Get stuffed, I am not bed-blocking” and discharged myself.

I have Secondary Progressive MS which is degenerative so my condition will to continue to also deteriorate and my care needs will increase. Social care is not just about washing/feeding etc, it’s about a sense of belonging to your environment and and being around people – getting out and about. Many thanks for reading this blog.

Do you agree with me that free social care should not be age related?

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