This particular episode of Columbo is OK. There is a rather nice red convertible car in it, some nice flowers are also in the boot too. The plot starts when a fairly good female author is murdered, and Columbo, the fabulous detective he is, then goes looking for his usual motive, culprit, etc. I find it rather amusing that Columbo cannot stomach being in the morgue, and in this episode he eats a lot of eggs, no, not the lovely chocolate ones, but the real ones and struggles to find somewhere, he says, to get rid of the shells – very strange. I recognised 1 of the female characters by her unique voice, a voice in my head keeps saying Bianca from the super girl film. The girl who played the dead victim I think played William Shatners onscreen daughter in a previous episode of Columbo, and I think I recall vaguely somewhere in Murder She Wrote I think she is in more than 1 episode. The female victim is found near a ransacked old fashioned safe near a fireplace. It later turns out her playboy boyfriend did it, there was some intrigue too when the victims’ sister then pretended to be her on the phone. I liked the scene of both the victim and her playboy lover were smooching a bit in the jacuzzi. 2 funny quotes from this episode were “In Tahiti you would never have to get dressed” and “When you see a snowball starting to roll Push”. The Playboy kills his girl and then fires a gun x 2 after he has killed her. Why he actually did that was unclear to me. A broken glass window left Columbo a bit baffled to start with – “Why would someone break in that way when even a boy scout could’ve opened it” Columbo says. At the end of this Columbo episode you see Columbo and a male detective going over how he knows certain things by using a female mannequin as a example who has brown hair and is very scantily clad, you may see other shoppers in the store look on a bit bemused by it. If I had been there myself I suspect I would have been too. I will give this particular episode of Columbo a 7 out of 10 rating.
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