I recently went to my local Odeon cinema, in fact I visited there several times, and I saw this commercial for the McDonald’s `Signature` burger range. I thought, put simply, “What! Is this for real?” It’s so good a commercial it is really out of this world and made a lasting impression on me. I myself don’t eat this particular range of burgers at McDonald’s but my other half Frank does and he thinks these are the best burgers at McDonald’s and won’t eat any other there. This advert makes me think that the model sadly in real life would not eat one of these burgers, she was just way too slim and stunning in my view to have consumed such a burger, but the advert is superb and beautifully done anyway. I myself only really eat the Fish Finger Happy meals and the occasional cheese burger too, as due to my MS and poor grip I find these easier to eat. I haven’t really eaten a Big Mac burger since my early twenties, they are just too big for me. See the link as below to see the advert I’m referring to in this blog. Many thanks for reading this all.

The McDonald’s ad as reviewed on AdAge website

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