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Rebekah Brooks, and former Press adviser to PM David Cameron Andy Coulson, are to be charged along with some other people for Phone hacking. Both the two named above appeared to be doing this between 2000 and 2006. Its making ripples and it makes it uncomfortable for David Cameron personally. Still a trial could be some time ahead Tessa Chapman said, she did a good report on this. Andy Coulson affirms his innocense on this issue, especially over the shocking and despicable hacking of the late Milly Dowlers phone. The C.P.S. clearly think there is enough evidence to charge them with yet another crime, you are left wondering what the court will eventually decide. I’m left wondering though, is this the sort of case a jury decide their fate or is it a judge? Put simply, I myself have no idea at all.
1000 troops are now on Standby, they will be drafted in for the Olympics where G4S nearly failed. The best of luck to them, they will certainly deserve time off, or a well deserved holiday for all they do in this country and abroad very soon afterwards.
A minister, I think it was a Tory, is frowning and grumbling about tradesman taking cash in hand for jobs and avoiding tax. I usually have to pay cash myself for jobs or I have to pay by Postal order, people need to save money where they can, and I think this guy just doesn’t understand or empathise enough with people to fully understand the issue. Just my personal opinion, I’m not a criminal, but consumers should do the right thing for them and tradesman should sort out for themselves with their own tax advisers, if needed, their own tax affairs. In my view it has absolutely nothing to do with consumers, maybe the appropriate regulator should look into this issue further.
Reporter Catherine Jones did a good report today about an Olympian I had never ever heard of. Phillips Adowa, apparently a triple jumper, the Olympic people have asked to see his medical records so they can judge his fitness to take part in the Olympic games. He’s denying publicly he is ill, or has a health problem, and they were saying he had at 1 point carried the Olympic torch. He had said he wanted to do his best in the Olympic games. This story is hot off the press at the moment as Catherine Jones quickly glances at her fashionable mobile phone in this piece.
Then it was the AD break, then the Monkeys and Chimps (standing in for Home And Away from next week) came on-screen, to me its like looking at a version of myself but a bit more adoreable!
A male lottery winner, who asked for anoyminity when he won 5 million pounds on the National Lottery, was jailed today for benefit fraud. Even his own defence lawyer says he deserves no sympathy. A rape victim now says, on learning of his lottery win, she will now try to sue him to get damages for the ordeal she went through. I could only dream of having money like that, I’d love to win or have 21 million to live off for the rest of my days, so I could afford my own home adapt in the way I need it for my MS, ongoing mental health, and other needs, due to my ongoing multi complex disability too. Still I can dream hey everyone?
Labour Leader Ed Miliband (I wonder why the Media have never referred to him as Edward, I assume that’s his real full name) was in Paris meeting President Hollande, whom I have never heard of. Apparently Hollande and Miliband think austerity is not the answer, whereas David Cameron appears to be saying sadly there’s more on the way. I’m not educated enough to know what the real meaning of the word austerity is, though Andy Bell, 5 news UK political editor, had an exclusive chat with Ed Milliband on a train. I’m guessing they were on a eurostar train. Ed would not be drawn on whether Labour would ever form a coalition with the Lib Dems, god help him if he ever tried to, the polls put Ed in front. Andy Bell suggests as, put simply, there’s really nobody else to challenge the coalition. I suspect Andy Bell is spot on in that view, and I bet most of the electorate would pretty much agree with him too. Ed isn’t going to get into a soccer game anytime soon it seems anyway. Andy Bell had a good camera shot of the Eiffel tower in this piece too.
The Queen has apparently held a meeting or lunch of some kind with former Prime Ministers of this country.  Margaret Thatcher, probably the biggest of them all, didn’t attend. Reason for her absence unknown, but maybe her health may not be good.
David Beckham surprised people by popping into a shopping centre and gave fans a rare photo opportunity before the Olympics. Some shrieked with delight or screamed, and 1 boy actually cried when he met his football idol. This was a good report, I think it was done by Katie Goodman, but I have no interest in what I would call the `Beckham brand`, I would much prefer to have a meal with Katie Goodman, Helen Fospero, Catherine Jones and my main favourite and role model Simon Vigar. If Richard Desmond, and his lovely looking fiancé, came too, that be the real, lets say, lovely pink icing on the cake for me. It certainly would not be 50 shades of Grey to me that’s for sure! Me 1 day winning a lottery of some kind is maybe a bit more realistic for me, hey what does anyone else who reads my unique style blog think? Newsreader Matt Barbet says jokingly at the end of the programme, in relation to the above story, he ruined all their Passport photos didn’t he. I chuckled a bit when he said that, I rather like Matt Barbets little jokes or little comments here and there I’ve noticed Emma Crosby doesn’t do that, but I’m guessing its, put simply, not her style and way of doing things. She strikes me as a warm girl though with a good heart where it counts.
The CH5 National Weather.
Patchy rain in the north, Lighter rain in the south 30 degrees expected tomorrow even warmer than today.
The UV Count sponsored by a safari Park somewhere in Yorkshire.
A glorious day tomorrow and still wear a factor 30 sunscreen as weather Girl Sian Welby also advised on yesterdays UV count too.
Meridian Weather Still humid and warm for now later in the day on friday maybe rain and thundery in some places.
My thoughts for today before going to bed – its way too humid here with my chronic fatigue due to my MS. It really knocks me out like a general anathsetic. I cannot even open the windows here due to my MS which, very sadly for me, is worsening. Goodnight all, will probably be back sometime tomorrow Many thanks for reading my blog it’s certainly for me felt like a very long one tonight all. Fingers crossedEmbarrassed