Dear Blog,
On the Ch5 lunchtime news today 22 children apparently died in a coach crash may they RIP. PM David Cameron attended a basketball game in the USA where president Obama tried to explain the rules, what is going on etc, the poor man. The police may get more chances to use CS gas and water cannon at times, if certain proposals get the go ahead.

HRH Prince Harry said today that finding himself a partner is more difficult as he not only has to have a wife or girlfriend, she would need to be able to adjust to a lifestyle both with him and the royal family. Good Luck to Harry in finding true love, he should not hurry, he has the time to meet the right girl and I think he will always have offers from girls. Although Prince Harry is nice I’m not sure that I’d want to be known as Princess Lydia. Only maybe in the future, if I’m able to help genuine disabled people and to raise their and mine and the types of issues they face publicly, then the name Baroness Lydia would maybe be nice, but I don’t think that will ever happen to me as it rarely happens for normal ordinary people like me. I’m also a bit too extrovert and at times I think I maybe become known as a bit of a nice sort of wench.Think
 I had a sort of Electric type massage today which at least helped the pain and muscle tension type spasms around my Body a bit.Green with envy