This was a fairly good and well acted film. I think it was set in a rural place somewhere in the U.S.A.

A fairly old woman lives in a nice house, her eyesight is deteriorating but the film never touches on the reason why. Her daughter and a few other family members are eyeing up her house and want to develop the land. Purely by chance a Drifters car breaks down and his daughter, with shoulder length brown hair, knocks on this ladies door for help, and a working friendship starts to develop. The drifter flirts with the daughter, but opts instead to date a pretty social worker, who the family had tried to convince the house is too big and she cannot cope there on her own, but the Social worker has a different view. The little girl calls her father by his first name, which clearly irrates him, and she clearly fears, when seen crying, that her dad will abandon her. Which he very nearly does, but after looking at some crayon like drawings his daughter had done and left in the car, he returns and does the right thing in the end. 2 best scenes were the little girl doing the lady owners hair, and after several fights name calling 1 of them being tramp, which was aimed at the owners daughter. The Lady who owned the big house had been married to a sea captain and, put simply, she couldn’t understand the fascination he had and others had with his boat. The drifter saw the challenge and restored the boat to its former glory, but the woman who owns the house tells him “I’m paying you to fix up my house, paint mail box, etc. He then tries to do everything. The drifter and his daughter decide to stay perminantly and put down roots. The daughter and family never get their hands on the house and land, mum is ready for them with her new hair cut and new fella (who is an old friend of hers) and the Drifters daughter announcing her presence and intentions. I only half watched this film as my cleaner was here at the same time, but I’d give this CH5 afternoon movie a 7 and a half out of 10 rating.

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