The CH5 afternoon film earlier on today was a repeat of a film entitled `Mary Higgins Clark: Remember Me`. 2 female actors really stood out for me, 1, an older lady, an adorable cuddly looking OAP, who I have now seen before in several of the CH5 afternoon movies, the other actress was Kelly McGillis, although much older in this particular film role I seem to vaguely recall seeing her on a movie trailer on a video somewhere in my collection of so many. I think she may have played a young Blonde type in the eighties film `Top Gun`, although I have never seen Top Gun in my whole life, it’s just not my type of film. Anyhow this film has 2 kinds of story-lines running through it: the on-screen husband plays an attorney who defends a male client who is strongly suspected of killing new his wife by taking her on a diving trip on his boat. Kelly McGillis thought this man, at first, was innocent, but towards the end of the film you found out he was guilty as sin. Another woman, an estate agent, is after Kelly McGillis’ on-screen husband. She secretly records her deceased son’s voice, and on a cassette recorder played it back to her from a secret room, in an attempted to convince her she is losing her own mind after recently having a mental collapse after her baby son died at what at 1st glance looked liked a car crash at a level crossing train-line. The house where the main characters live is called `Remember House` A suicide of a woman many years before, and a sort of pirates treasure later found in the secret room in the house, make this a good feature length thriller. 2 scenes to look out for is: the old lady giving Kelly McGillis’ character a doll which she finds really spooky, and the apparent ghost of the woman committing suicide whose characters name I cannot even begin to spell or even pronounce. The climax of this film is when the truth comes out in the end. The mystery of how the other woman got hold of a video containing the son’s voice is revealed. Also a near fatal shooting in the hidden room in the House. Overall I’d give this particular film a 7 and a half out of 10. Also there is a Herbie type car in the film, and a very fashionable, what looks like to me anyhow, a classic pale blue jaguar convertible type car. If this sort of film was on after the 9pm watershed, then it would probably be too gruesome for me to stomach, but if it is on during the day then I usually know I’m OK.
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