Dear Blog,

I had seen this really good style thriller type movie on CH5 before but neverless I always enjoy watching it. A lady with long brown hair who has a creepy persona about her fakes a baby bump and pretends she is pregnant after having had a 1 night stand with a guy who had cruelly dumped her to then stay with his pregnant wife. The lady, with long brown hair, then befriends his wife at the hospital by saying she is pregnant too at the same time, and asking her to write down her address so she can return the baby book to her after borrowing it. The lady then puts the wife into the boot of her car at night while holding a gun to her head, she then takes the unborn baby girl from the mothers uterus and then cruelly leaves her for dead. The sister of the deceased, a policewoman herself, strongly suspects a strange male criminal with his own weird thoughts of committing the crime, but he was in a different place altogether and another female victim identifies him so its not him. Then the husband is in the frame, but although he admitted to cheating in the past he says he simply could not have killed her. The woman who had stolen his baby girl then sent him a photograph of herself claiming this was his baby even though it later transpired she had a hyseromy some years prior. The woman’s father who had nicked the baby was very frail and simply could not believe what was happening before his very eyes. The lady then threatened her Ex with a gun at his front door and appeared to say lets drive away somewhere together and live happily ever after. The lady who played this role I think was a particularly good actress and the film made in 2006. I’d give an 8 out of 10 rating.

The Ch5 and 5* afternoon movies are the best ever to watch but yesterdays I didn’t bother to watch, put simply, from what I saw of what it was actually about it was not my type of `Latte to Drink` or even to taste.
My MS could be worse I suppose, my Phsyio came today and helped me do some Phsyio exercises. I need help to do this as I’m not able to do them on my own. My local Primary Care Trust should hang its head in shame on this issue as they flatly refuse to pay for maintenance physio in my area. There’s no money they say. Put simply- disgraceful! I also still want to try this cannabis mouth spray for pain but the NHS in my area won’t fund it even though it is licensed for use by N.I.C.E. The sooner Primary Care Trusts are axed the better. The “postcode lottery” is still very prevalent in the NHS, too me it is a national disgrace. As for that London hospital suffering very severe money problems, PPI does appear at 1st glance to be the main thing behind this. Good luck to the administraters in this, I think Labour once left a note famously saying there’s no money left, so will the hospital have to now sell its family silver if it had any to start with, who knows Hey? Goodnight all. HelloSleepy