I rather liked this CH5 film. I think it was vaguely called `The nanny express`. It told the story of two incredibly nice but very naughty children. One young boy, the other a teenage girl with long brown hair. Those two children drive every nanny away their dad hires. This includes deliberately burning diner, garden sprinklers and the washing machine very much overflowing. These 2 children their father is wise to what they are up to. A new nanny comes again, played by an actress who looks a cross between Sandra Bullock and Jo-lo. She charms the boy by helping him with his homework, the girl takes a little longer, the nanny gives her a book from her own past, then the girl realises the nanny has lost her own mother too and so therefore understands what she is going through and a close bond starts to form. The nanny’s father is seriously ill on oxygen, and sadly passes away in the film. After a bit of misunderstanding and jealousy the children’s’ father presents, in front of a classful full of children and his own, some beautiful flowers to the nanny, and then asks her on a date. She then says Yes! and a good hug takes place. I’d give this film a 9/10 rating.

Columbo – A case for immunity.

I had not seen this particular episode of Columbo for what seems like a good while. One of the actors, the murderer, has definitely played a leading role in the great film `Pretty Woman`. A Muslim man brainwashes his male accomplice into committing a murder and burglary near a safe, and stroon paperwork on the floor. There is a good scene whereby the murderer later kills his accomplice and pushes his car over what looks like a cliff. Columbo has the case all sewn up, only to discover that the subject has something called Diplomatic Immunity. Columbo uses a Muslim king to trick the murderer into confessing his guilt. The murderer does not want to face prosecution in the country he is from so he surrenders himself to Columbo and is then swifly arrested. Columbo does a good job of convincing his prime suspect that he knew he did it, but could prove nothing in a court os law. Very cleverly done indeed Mr Columbo. I’d give this particular Columbo episode a 7/10 rating.