Dear Blog,
I watched the CH4 Sunday news at 6.30pm tonight as, put simply, at weekends there is not a proper full news programme, only very short brief news style bulletins, on Ch5. On CH4 news tonight the ongoing row/debate, whatever you choose to call it, intensified today when a Catholic church minister read aloud a Pastoral letter (I have no idea what 1 is) setting out the churches own opposition to Gay Marriage. 1 person walked out of the service citing fancy words of bigotry he said. The church of England also opposes gay marriage. I can see the logic of what both sides are saying on this very important subject. I can also see where the coalition government is coming from on this issue too, but I myself don’t have an opinion on this subject either way. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said in his closing speech to the Liberal Democrat spring conference that the budget coming up must be a modern liberal budget as well. With the severity of cuts aimed at very sick and disabled people in the UK I find that very hard to swallow while eating my evening meal, although I fully accept he only forms a small part of the coalition government. Chris Hume was asked by a CH4 news journalist just what would he prefer – a tycoon tax or a mansion tax. If I had been publicly asked I would have said maybe a combination of both would work best in the public interest. I’m really not sure what Vince Cable himself was saying on that issue. Nick Clegg had a vote against a motion on NHS reform. I never knew the Lib Dems had ever held a conference in Gateshead before. Also mentioned 1 year on now Japan remembers their Tsunami deaths at 2.46 (their time) 19 thousand people probably died! May they R.I.P.
I watched `4 thought TV` tonight. It featured a woman worried about her pension, both her and her husband had been missionaries, in the past they had been given eggs with no idea who had actually left them there. Trust in God she says and he will deliver. I’m not very religious myself but on that point I fully agree with her.
I saw a photograph of Jedward remembering their Grandad in the Daily Star Newspaper without their usual hair, they looked sombre but very normal. I thought this was very touching of them to remember their Grandad like that. Apparently he has passed away. Take Care Jedward, I really hope 1 day myself and my next of kin will see you live in concert, so far the timing and the venue has just never been right for us. But we are looking forward to seeing Steps later this year, my next of kin has never seen them before live, but I have and I know they will be absolutely fantastic, but whether they will wear red horns this time around on their heads for now remains to be seen.
Goodnight for now AllGhost