Dear Blog,
I half watched CH4 early evening news on CH4 tonight as there is no real full round of news on CH5 at weekends.
News Stories covered were matters arising in Syria  which are still very worrying.
Swimmer Ellie Symonds lands herself a silver medal during the paralympics, a very well done indeed again to her.
Andy Murray is a bit behind his oppponent now in the U.S.A. Open Tennis championship, I’m not sure if it’s a ground surface he prefers to play on either.
A man who looks old with little hair wants to run to be the new police commissioner, but he claimed money from the government to pay his mortgage I think it was, and was forced to sell his house after it had to be redeveloped. I think he was then forced to buy another 1 but he never paid any money back to the government in the process when it was sold. This guy is not all popular with some people, and in my view was very rude to Mr Crick who was asking him relevant questions over it. He told the reporter bluntly and rudely “I will never be agreed to be interviewed by you” and started to shake hands with what looked rather like his supporters or friends, giving people at home watching on their TV screens a misleading and probably false impression he’s a nice guy. A lot of people think this guy should pay the money back, he is also strongly associated or been pals with people who have been convicted of crimes over money fairly similar to the allegations he’s now facing. When he retires he says he may pay some money back. This guy sounds much more like the Sheriff of Nottingham to me, but as yet has failed to meet Mr Robin Hood.
A very touching report was then shown on-screen about disability hate crime. A middle aged looking man now in a wheelchair, it may have been an electric 1, I’m not too sure, was interviewed.His mobility scooter had been set on fire and he had been a victim of a number of crimes by persons unknown.The Paralympics were also mentioned, their recent achievements. 2 disabled men in wheelchairs and an activist for disabled people were then interviewed, although I don’t think it took place in the CH4 news studio itself, about attitudes towards the disabled. A CH4 survey now says they are now improving after the  paralympics. 1 guy was sceptical on this, and the new badly flawed medicals taking place for disabled people were mentioned. This government has shown precious little compassion or empathy on this crucial human rights issue, and I now publicly call on the European Court of Human Rights to look into this issue very closely indeed, then listen very carefully to both sides of the story.I can only hope you can somehow get to the truth in all this and get the U.K. to comply and upheld our human rights which at the moment is dispeccaple. The U.K. government doesn’t want to see reason or even really care on this ultra important issue just to save money. Disabled people are hurting very badly both inside and out, sometimes losing their own freedom or sadly in utter desperation committing suicide (I tried to take my own life 2 years ago now, most things just got completely on top of me). Please help us European Court of Human Rights, it may take a great many years but maybe you are our only hope of justice. Some disabled people and organisations have already given up their fight thinking, as people, we have no choice but to just stand by and take it.Well I know we don’t, we don’t have large amounts of money or have letters after our name, maybe not as much influence either as we would like, but we fully deserve our day in court, as people we don’t have years or decades to wait and little or no money. Please do whatever and wherever you can, don’t be fooled by the spin and lack of honesty or transparancy on this crucial issue from the coalition government, genuine disabled people need your protection and you maybe the only condom of protection that we have now left open to us.
I watched the classic comedy Dads Army on BBC2 tonight. Godfrey, on sleeping pills on a bunk bed while on duty, the platoon thought he was ill or, put simply, not with us any longer. The scotsman kept saying his usual well rembered line “we’re doomed”. The platoon is nearly submerged by a burst pipe in a building that had been bombed by German airplanes in the sky, and Pike stays in the water. And the warden, grocer Hodges, hides in a box in a near desperate bid to try to stay afloat, they then find spanners in the end. At the very start Pike enjoys his hundreds and thousands sweets which he then accidently drops on the floor, apparently with rations he can get more of them than some other sweets. I don’t suck my thumb though like he does, but I myself much prefer Dolly Mixtures or what’s termed I think 3p or 5p lollypops.
The weather here thankfully is a little bit cooler now, but I’m fed up of being bitten by midget flies as it really worsens my M.S. a lot and my balance quite a bit. Take Care Goodnight to you 1 and all. AngelEmailClockSadSleepy