The celebrity version of Family Fortunes is sponsored at the present time by Thirst Pockets, which I think is a kind of kitchen roll. No I don’t use it myself. My favourite joke Vernon Kaye said tonight had the word underlayin it. I smiled but I didn’t really understand the joke, but the audience clearly understood it judging by their own reaction to it. The best Spot prizes showed a  man dressed as a baby in a blue babygrow playing with toy bricks, no idea what that prize actually was, and a young man won a shark cage experience! I’m sure that he cannot hardly wait to meet his own version of Jaws up close and personal hey? The 2 families were the Steele family from Glasgow, apparently someone called Dawn Steele who I had never heard of but I thought she closely resembled actress Zooey Zesthaniel (She’s in the 500 Days of Summer film). The other male contestant  is apparently a judge on the Dancing on Ice programme ( I hope he chooses former newsreader Helen Fospero as a contestant for that show 1 day – here’s hoping). Dawn Steele was playing for the UNICEF charity and Robin for a local hospice. Vernon Kaye said in her own school reports Dawn Steele was a bit of a chatterbox, is that what the word `Motermouth` means? And apparently she likes pickled anchovies. The whole family also had a go at some sort of fish dance, I had no idea what they were trying to do but I think they did OK. Robin, the other contestant, likes Gene Kelley and Singing in the Rain ( I much prefer Fred Astaire myself) and he played a role in the Rocky Horror Show. I like Richard O’Brian but most definitely not the Rocky Horror Show. Funny questions included “Name something that moves without an engine”. I’d have said riding a horse which was in the survey. Another question was another word for husband – `other half`I thought of (was in the survey), as was the word `Spouse`. “Name a famous green figure” was also asked. Included in the survey was the Incredible Hulk, Shrek, and yes you heard me correctly – the USA Statue of Liberty! I suppose you can imagine it with a green type of Aura, just maybe, can’t you? I also saw in the Ad. breaks adverts for buying the Sun Newspaper. I much prefer The Daily Star newspaper myself. I’d also like to say Dawn Steele wore a nice black bow in her hair tonight. The Steele family got 81 points but the eventual winners were the Cousins family with 437 points The funny bits was when being asked “Name a part of the body starting with N” nobody thought of nose, not even me, but nails only got 3 points, and someone said knee and then he quickly realised – oh that starts with the letter K don’t it. On next weeks Family Fortunes it will be Angela Rippon against, I think she’s a singer but I’m not familiar with her music, Sophie Ellis Bextor.
On meridian News tonight both Bournemouth and my team Liecester lost in the footie, and an interesting thing about getting more women flying what I think it was small planes, and they referred to a woman pilot who flew in 1 of the world wars which is something I never myself knew.
On ITV1 news – may he rest in peace now PC Rathbands funeral takes place today. Alex Salmon speaking what looked like a lot of sense at his conference. The Liberal Democrats debating about the coalition health reforms. Nick Clegg luckily got backing from those at the Spring Lib Dem Party Conference, but Shirley Williams remains very cautious on this and I cannot blame her for that. If I had been still a Lib Dem I’d have probably attended their Spring Conference. I don’t miss being there now as trying to raise ongoing multi complex disability awareness is much more important to me these days, and I like being a member of the Liberal Party now too.
Take care, Goodbye for now everyone Princess