The 1st family on Family Fortunes was the Clements Family. The head of the family was Jessica Jane Clements and the whole family came from Sheffield. Apparently Jessica used to model unusual underwear, and her dogs in real life that she owns are named Pants And Knickers, needless to say she never mentioned what the gender of the dogs actually was. Vernon Kaye made a joke in reply about Pants tonight. Jessica likes practicing make-up, she likes playing table tennis, so a bit of Ping Pong Phooey there. Apparently she has been a contestant on `I’m a celebrity get me out of here!`& she likes snakes but hates spiders. The 2nd celebrity was the Cavanagh family, I think she was called Katy. She was brought up in Bolton, and her family came from there. She had a foster brother called Keith with her, and for reasons unknown to me, she gave Vernon Kaye some pasties, which, after the ad break, I think he really liked them, as he was grinning an awful lot. Katy, when she was younger fell out of a shopping Trolley – ouch! for her most probably. She cannot even thread a needle, well I can’t myself either. Katy is terrified of wasps, and there was a funny bit of play-acting going on on that particular point, and the charity they were playing for was called the Sands Charity. The Questions included `Name something made of glass`. Window was the top answer and 3rd most popular answer was mirror. Glass slipper and greenhouse and Jam Jar was not in the survey so the points, all 72 of them, went to the Clements family. `Name something that grows quickly` – children was the 5th most popular answer surprisingly, hair was the top answer there and grass. `Name something that people steam` – 1st answer given was iron which wasn’t there, rice was the 6th answer and 7th answer was wallpaper, vegetables and fish were the top answers and curtains wasn’t there either. Vernon Kaye said to 1 of the contestants at this stage “I like The Teddy Bears on your Tie” I couldn’t see them though. `Name an animal that hops` Vernon asks, top answer was kangaroo, frog was the 3rd answer, and rabbit won a spot prize for a contestant – an ipad. Fish wasn’t there, but the Clements family got a full board when a older male gent said wallaby – I have no idea what 1 is. The Clements family then had 359 points.  The last question before the winner would then go onto play `big money`was `Name something that falls out of the sky` – rain and snow were top answers, and someone guessed bird poo and it wasn’t in the survey. Sunshine and meteorite weren’t there, a contestant won a prize at this stage of fancy looking garden furniture.The losers were Katy’s team with 246 points and the winners were the Clements family with 359 points who went on to play Big Money. Several questions came up in Big Money – Parrot was 1 top answer and someone guessed a fork which was not in the survey, they failed to win the 10 thousand pounds for their chosen charity as they didn’t guess 1 of the top answers to 1 of the questions, but they did scoop 5 thousand pounds which was very good anyway. Its not too hard too play Celebrity Family Fortunes, 1 problem though, I’m not a celebrity I’m far too ordinary. Next week the celebrities are again people I don’t recognise in any way shape or form
During the advert breaks it felt like the trailers for Britain’s Got Talent were constantly being played over and over again, somewhat annoying for me. Another trailer showing Trevor McDonald talking about the Mississippi, which looked like a long river, he was filming a documentary there. I’m wondering whether he will Visit Tupelo, I think that’s near there where 1 of my favourite singers was born – the late Tammy Wynette.Sad smile