Dear Blog,
I very nearly didn’t get to see celebrity family fortunes tonight as it sadly clashed with a documentary entitled `William And Kate 1 Year On`. I really wanted to see it as I strongly suspected Simon Vigar, my all time favourite royal correspondent on 5 News, would be on it, as it was on channel 5.  As my freeview recordable set top box remains broken I couldn’t even tape it. I felt sad over it, but as I really enjoy doing my celebrity family fortunes blog and I strongly relate and can play along with it in my head at home, Celebrity Family fortunes was my main choice to watch today. As there was not a full round up of news on CH5 on a Sunday I had decided to watch CH4 main news and 4 thought TV instead, but I somehow lost track of the time and missed it so had to do a news blog on ITV1 main news and Meridian news instead, silly old me hey.Nyah-Nyah
Host Vernon Kaye opened the programme tonight with a kind of joke about crocodiles. The 1st contestant on Family fortunes tonight was a singer and presenter from Yorkshire Jane Mcdonald, her family came from Wakefield. Jane Mcdonald likes gossip and `loose women`, she has sung on cruise ships and she likes sewing sequins onto dresses, she also likes lending her shoes out to people but a lot of people apparently don’t have her size feet. The charity she was playing for was Wakefield Hospice. The 2nd family was Mark Wrights family Ramp it up. Vernon Says he had been on a previous programme and his side had lost. His family was from Essex and Mark Wright is a TV presenter. I had never heard of him, he has a bachelor pad there, I guess he must like ladies. He has been a semi professional footballer, he was naughty a bit at school and was referred to being a big girls blouse, whatever that means. He loves the `Home Alone` film and has a bad habit of snoring and falling asleep mid way through conversation – good grief! He was playing for the Help For Heroes charity. His family won no money but Vernon Kaye gave them a grand for their chosen charity and bid them goodbye. Questions that came up included `name something you cannot live without`: top answer was Oxygen, 2nd answer food, and 3rd answer in the survey was water. Clothes, organs, heart were not there, but the 6th most popular answer was mobile phone and the Mcdonalds then won the points of 69 points in the 1st round. Jane Mcdonald wore a nice dress and high heels on the show but her singing of horrid James Bond themes made me squirm. Vernon Kaye said Octopussy was not in the survey, I have the movie soundtrack to that film on CD and I love it. I cannot stand Sean Connery and I have a poster of Roger Moore holding a gun on my bedroom wall. Other questions that came up was `name something associated with Victoria Beckham`: her husband David and the Spice Girls were in the survey but not her famous Spice Girls hairstyle, son Brooklyn or football were also not in the survey. `Name something you put on Chips`. I thought of brown sauce myself as my late Aunt Irene used to love brown sauce on her chips and I ended up then copying her. Top answer was vinegar, 2nd answer in the survey was salt, and 3rd answer was curry sauce, too hot so yuck, 6th answer I wasn’t expecting was mayo, do people really like putting mayo on their chips? I find salad cream an ideal sauce for putting with fish. 5th answer was gravy and 1 contestant said a pickled egg. All I can say is I’m glad I’m not eating his chips. Another question was `name something you might light with a match`: top answers included fag, candle, bonfire, and somehow cooker or stove, do people still do it that way these days? A contestant won a prize – a holiday in Cornwall, and another person won a barbecue. Vernon Kaye in 1 scene wore a nice pair of black spectacles, he reminded me somewhat of Clark Kent in the Superman films. The Mcdonalds went on to play `Big Money` with a winning score of 387 points. Vernon Kaye said Jane Mcdonald looked like Pussy Galore whoever that is. Top answers in big money were scissors, trunk, and tea. She failed to get all the top answers so only won ten grand for her chosen charity. Top answers she missed out on were Austria for skiing and church bells. In the next edition of Celebrity Family Fortunes its Kate Garraway against, I think he maybe an actor, Chris Fountain. I’d really like to see Helen Fospero play against Simon Vigar and his red socks on Celebrity Family Fortunes, that would be very interesting and gripping too for me.

To the person who left the comment that Jane Mcdonald had used the word donkey in answer to a question on Big Money, I too found it rather amusing but a bit bazaar.

Blimey I feel drained. Goodnight all.FreezingSneakyEnjoy what is now left of Easter. I’m glad Emma Crosby is back on 5 News UK tomorrow, the fact 5 News does not have a full round up of news at weekends I can find very annoying indeed.