This Woody Allen film was fairly good and, as set in a older era, was not usually the sort of film I would have gone to see. The main character is a bit clumsy at first, there’s a funny scene with him and a blonde hooker who wasn’t sure she wanted to be a hooker in the first place! He decides he can’t go through with it. He falls for a secretary who is out of his league, they date for a short time, but she wants the high life and so marries his divorced uncle (her boss) instead. He returns to his home in New York and gets on with his life, working with his mobster brother at his club (called the Cafe Society) and gets married. However he never forgets his first love and thinks of what might have been. Years later they meet again and the feeling is mutual. I would rate this film 7 1/2 out of 10.

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