At the very start of the budget speech the chancellor stated the budget would reward those in work, my heart sunk a little when the chancellor then went to to say  there would be a massive cut to the welfare budget of 10 billion. I speculate this may well affect disabled people and probably the most vulnerable in our society the most. This Budget is probably the most leaked budget ever, so ITV1 News said today. I noticed Ed Davey MP (A Lib Dem) grinning like the cat had got the cream during this budget speech. Alistair Stewart did a fairly good job with some other guy translating what it may all mean for the rest of us. Correspondents, 1 in Wakefield and the other in Birmingham, were speaking to business, normal people, and families with children. Unlike last year when they had a carer in the studio, there was no one there giving a disabled point of view across about this Budget, a real shame and an wasted opportunity. I will give the ITV1 coverage of the budget a 5 out of ten rating. The Chancellor raised these following issues:- improving even more Broadband speeds; ITV1 says there are 3 million unemployed at the moment; 1 pence off corporation tax (I have no idea what that is); 50p tax is going to be replaced by 45 pence instead for higher earners; Pensioners I think got their personal allowence frozen but pensioners I think will get a better pension of 140 pounds, to be reviewed if people have been in work .This is a budget for working families, the Chancellor said, and he praised IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) for the role he had been doing. There will be a new simpler tax system introduced, and the Chancellor thinks we can earn our way out of the recession. Oil was mentioned, I think maybe in the north sea; there should be 1 million more jobs over 5 years and more apprenticeships for young people. Apparently we borrowed 126 billion last year but it is now 11 billion less than it was under Labour. The deficit reduction plan is on course, the Chancellor said. Council Tax relief is doubled, no idea what that may mean, and we have 11 million in gold reserves. A comment was made that Labour had sold some gold, and if we still had it it would have been worth more now. A 20 billion loan for small businesses; 150 million of tax financing local authorities; more money to expand an airport was mentioned; and an investment to improve the rail link between Manchester and Preston I think it was. More investment in renewable energy was touched on, an announcement something to do with TV programmes being made here instead of abroad, and a joke by the Chancellor featuring Wallace and Grommet. 1 million people on low incomes will be taken out of tax altogether. There was something mentioned about gaming machines and playing stuff over the Internet, although I have no idea what the Chancellor was talking about. There will be a consultation taking place. Something about a mansion tax, increasing the Bank Levy, the cost of Cigarettes goes up but the cost of alcohol remains unchanged. Apparently people can earn 9,205 before paying any tax at all. A girl on ITV1 said she was relieved as that applied to her. During the Olympics, the Chancellor announced, a relaxing of pub opening hours for 5 weeks during the Olympics, so on a Sunday they can open for longer. I hope I got this information correct here. The Chancellor was heckled a bit, and Lindsey Hoyle, who actually was 1 of my local MPs in the past struggled to contain the heckling a bit. As you can guess the Labour leader criticised the budget.Disappointed smile