I recently went to see the film Breathe at my local Odeon cinema. It was a good film that left a lasting impression on me.

In social care now-a-days it can feel that not much has changed since the time the film was set, I saw a choice between somebody in a wheelchair and being stuck in a hospital cubicle. The reality can be now a days that existence can be in a wheelchair but that can sometimes mean you can not go outdoors and do the little things able bodied people can take for granted.

My point is not much has changed, in a wheelchair you are going through the motions of life but not being able to live it, to being stuck in a hospital is just as much being in a prison as that. All too often having a wheelchair or powered wheelchair is seen as freedom but it’s sometimes not.

If there is a lesson to be learnt from this film is that disabled people in a wheelchair fundamentally need to get out and about in the world especially not stuck in a care home or somebody’s home going through the motions of life simply existing. The gentleman in this film teaches you to inspire a life where most things are possible apart from walking, even when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. I would say to the government put more money into social care and end the clients payment contribution so that at the very least they can aspire to having a life, otherwise you can vegetate and exist, and I ask you what kind of life is that to live.

Many thanks to you all for reading this blog, I hope it can give an insight into how I myself perceive my disability issues. Till next time, goodbye for now.

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