I really liked this `Teeny` but rather gripping style thriller, it was tastefully done. The blonde girl character, aged 17, meets a guy on line a couple years older than she is. He then leaves prison and they then meet up. The male ex-con struggles to leave his own past behind him, while the girls mom then struggles with the balancing act of being a good parent while her daughter appeared to be saying “I need some privacy, give and take, I feel very smothered”. The guy, I think,  wants to be a good guy and appears genuine in the end. He goes back to prison after what looks like a fatal shooting and she then heads to New York to start a new life. I’ve been wondering whether this film was either inspired by a true story or was maybe a play or what. I give this film a 10/10 rating as it had a mix of everything I really like in a film. It felt like this film had neither a happy or sad ending. There were just too many unresolved issues for you to know what may or may not happen to each of them next.

I’m disappointed to say I bet this film won’t be in region 2 DVD. I love a lot of CH5 afternoon movies but just why are such films only in region 1? I’m sure there are people within Europe as a whole who would enjoy or purchase such films. I just wish regions on DVDs would, put simply, just cease to exist permanently.